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Office Entrance Mats (New)

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Standard dirt control mat 1.5mm rubber backing

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Office entrance mats are manufactured using high twist nylon fibres with a nit-rile rubber backing. This does not warp and split like lower quality Asian imports such as PVC matting mostly sold as a a direct purchase.  Nitrile rubber mats are designed to remain flat when used as safety floor matting and this helps to reduce the trip hazards associated with PVC mats.

dirt control mats

Our dirt control mat colours such as the Granite mat DF647 and Black steel mat DF681 are the most popular choice. Darker backgrounds help to keep the appearance far longer than lighter coloured matting. 

What is the best place for floor mats, this is a common question as each business location varies, we have provided a diagram of the basic best place for our floor mats. The information layout is for commercial serviced matting. We have provided this information to help in deciding which type of dirt control mats, logo mats or safety matting would be suitable for areas around your site.

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Office Entrance Mats 

Our Iron-Horse mat is the work horse among the washable dirt-absorbing mats. The Iron-Horse mat with its extreme durability is available in 10 standard colours offering a visual enhancement for every entrance.

The 100 solution-dyed polyamide nylon fibres absorb up to 4 kg dirt and moisture per square meter. The rubber backing is made of 100 nitrile rubber, which is skid resistant as well as oil and grease resistant.

Iron-Horse mats are washable up to 60°C. In addition, it is also a visual enhancement for entrances, in front of beverage machines, in public buildings, or in industrial or commercial plants.

Iron-Horse mats capture a large-part of the dirt, which would otherwise be carried into your building. You’ll lengthen the life of your floors and reduce the amount of cleaning required. Last, but not least, it ensures more safety. 

Iron-Horse – A Clean Solution:

The Iron-Horse mat by Kleen-Tex was developed to stand up to the toughest demands. Its fibres, made of 100 solution-dyed polyamide nylon, remove dirt and moisture from shoe soles, retaining it between the fibres. Your mats will thereby always look like new when cleaned regularly. Kleen-Tex provides an 11-year guarantee against colour loss.

Office Entrance Mats Quality:

The rubber backing of every mat is made of 100 washable nitrile rubber. The nitrile rubber backing has other 

advantages in addition to wash-ability: the mat lies flat and securely on the floor, is more slip resistant plus the rubber borders do not curl due to cold weather. Office Entrance Mats

The beveled border of the mat also reduces the danger of stumbling, and the rubber flexibility insures the borders will not tear. 

Delivery, Cleaning, Service:

In order to guarantee the appearance and function of the Iron-Horse, it is distributed through professional mat services, which ensures the regular exchange and thus guarantees the optimal cleaning performance of the dirt control mat.


Solution-dyed nylon with 11-year colour guarantee when professionally maintained by Rentex, this can be a drop off and collection service or via courior. 

Office Entrance Mats Standard Sizes (cm):

This Sale 175 x 115 cm 


Additional information

Weight 5.00 kg

Rentex Floorcare


Brand New


115cm x 175cm


Granit Grey

Fully Washable

Up to 60°C


100% solution-dyed polyamide high twist nylon fibres


DMS Nitrile Rubber 1.6

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