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Coir Mats Natural Fibres For High Usage Areas

These dirt catching coir mats have a unique double feature. The natural fibres remove the dirt from shoes whilst the deep pile keeps the dirt and moisture within the mat. Our coir matting is ideal for high footfall locations such as restaurants, shops, retail outlets and workshops.

The main purpose of an entrance coir mat is to capture the bulk of dirt and water entering a building. For example an average of 70% of all cleaning costs is spent on floor cleaning.

Coir matting will keep the inside of your building clean. It is most effective for areas that have small stones, pebbles and loose debris surrounding the entrance. Coir can also be cut to suit mat recesses and mat wells or used as loose lay mat on a hard flat surface. Ideal for anywhere you find a recess or mat well and you are after an Urban or Cosmopolitan look.

Coir Mats Designed For Demanding Areas

Coir mats work at keeping floors clean seven days a week also coir matting plays an important double role in your building. Not only does it look sophisticated and professional, but it also fulfills the vitally important role of preventing dirt and moisture from entering your premises whilst protecting expensive floor coverings.

Coir mats  also make it much easier to keep your existing floor clean, further enhancing that good first impression. It also significantly reduces the risk of accidents resulting from slipping on a wet floors.

Coir Mat

Natural Coir Mats

Our coir matting range is manufactured from coconut husk fibres that effectively scrapes dirt from footwear

Removal Of Old Matting

After the purchase of your coir mats our floorcare team can attend site to remove your old matting.coir mat removal

Mat Well Cleaning

Removal of your old mats is a messy process and we take all care to reduce further disruption whilst on site.coir mat cleaning

Coir Mat Fitting Service

Once removed the area is cleaned and prepared for the installation of your new mat and then install commences.coir mat fitting

New Coir Mats Installed

After the coir mat install is completed all debris is vacuumed up and your floors are ready for years of service. coir mats

Coir Mats With Logos

Our logo coir matting combines an appealing polished sophisticated look with the same effectiveness and also practicality of our regular coir matts. A thick PVC vinyl backing also provides strength and stability. Rentex logo coir matting is specifically for commercial entrances that require promotional matting.

Our entire commercial range of mats have been developed to address the needs of business and public buildings such as Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Work Shops, Hair Salons, even Hospitals and Schools.

Whether corporate identity and branding is required or the control of water and dirt ingress. With the aim of reducing cleaning bills, to work force and protection from slips and trips you will find a solution within the Rentex floorcare range.

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