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Mat Rental Services Peace Of Mind Floorcare

Mat Rental Services By Dedicated Friendly Operatives

At Rentex mat rental services we specialise in dirt control mats, furthermore we provide clean fresh floor mats to businesses users on weekly or fortnightly basis.

Rentex matting services offer a quality range of entrance mats, reception image logo mats, anti-fatigue mats, kitchen mats, factory & warehouse safety mats.

Our floorcare service provides a unique mat rental service that guarantees freshly cleaned, top quality floor mats delivered to you on a scheduled basis by our own friendly mat rental services operatives.Mat Hire Services

Help keep your business free of moisture, dust, dirt, and grime. Additionally commercial rental floor mats provide anti fatigue abilities.

Rentex mat rental services supply a full range of anti-fatigue mats as a result this helps employees stay comfortable in the workplace.

Welcome your clients and visitors with a clean and safe entrance, as a result image logo matting will help your business to stand out from the crowd with our custom image logo mats.

Our affordable and quality Logo Mats will help your business stand out and consequently gives your customers and client’s confidence in your service.

Mat Rental ServicesMat Rental Service
Bespoke Image Matting
Logo Mats

Commercial Matting By Rentex

All your floor mat protection needs can be taken care of in the most affordable and easy way, because commercial matting and mat rental services are your ideal solution to provide dry and safe floors for staff and visitors.

  • Mat rental services for offices as well as receptions
  • Food Service areas as well as kitchens and bars
  • Sports facilities, locker rooms and also gyms
  • Mats for trade counters, factory and also warehouse production areas
  • Dust control mats for Shops and Showrooms

Our dirt control mats help to avoid tracked in dirt as a result, water, oil and grease into your building. Consequently renting our mats will eliminate the need to continuously check and clean areas.

Rentex dust control mat rental services ensures cleanliness, safety as well as a pleasant atmosphere.  Mat hire services helps to keep dust and dirt under control consequently resulting in cleaner air within your facilities.

Our floorcare service specialist will tour your facility with you to assess your mat requirements. We then recommend the most economical rental program based on your objectives, budget and floor protection needs.

Mat Rental Services Your First Step To Cleaner & Safer Floors

Renting a floor mat represents unparalleled convenience for business users as a result providing affordability and great flexibility.

Dirt Control Mat

A few reasons why renting mats make sense

  • A mat rental service also helps to maintain a great impression with customers at all times.
  • Reduce daily cleaning costs by substantially reducing tracked in dirt as well as grime.
  • Mat rental services in fact extend the lifespan of expensive floor surfaces.
  • Disposable floor mats that are purchased without a professional service program will become a source of dirt distribution. Just like a large dust pan at your door.
  • The right rental floor mat also reduces potential safety issues and liability
  • Mats capture up to 6 kilos of dirt and absorb up to 3 litres of water per square meter
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Heavy Duty Mats
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European textile services association (ETSA) information on dust control mats

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