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Industrial Cotton Floor Mats
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Industrial Cotton Floor Mats

Washable industrial cotton floor mats in Yorkshire. These mats still remain the best solution in problem areas where oil and grease are tracked into the building.

The cotton matting also ensures that tough oil and grease found in industrial applications and production areas such as; Kitchens, Factories, Workshops and Garages is trapped within the cotton mat fibres and helps to keep the contamination walking further into your premises.

For commercial locations, our range of heavy duty cotton mats provide an highly effective and efficient way of removing contaminants by trapping it deep within the cotton fibres as a result reducing floor cleaning costs and preventing slips on  floors.

Nylon mats do not absorb or remove oil and grease this type of soiling sits on top of the nylon pile resulting in the ineffective removal of oil and grease .

Our friendly floor care service operatives call on a scheduled service visit to exchange your premium cotton floor mats.

We cover; Leeds, Bradford, Doncaster, Harrogate and York to exchange your soiled industrial cotton mats and matting with professionally laundered industrial mats on a lift and lay service.

We also supply industrial cotton mats and matting rental services to Sheffield, Barnsley, Wakefield and Huddersfield. With each site visit your contracted cotton floor mats are replaced with commercially cleaned mats and the soiled mats removed from site for specialist mat cleaning.

Washable Cotton Mats

Floor Mats & Workshop Matting Services West Yorkshire

With over 20 years experience in the industrial matting as well as the floor care service sector. Our professional team work with you to establish your matting requirements.

Apart from cotton mats we supply professional Dirt Control Mats where oil and grease are not the main cause of contamination and cotton would prove impractical.

Mat Rental Service

Industrial Cotton Floor Mats Standard Sizes

Our absorb-er cotton floor mats are also available in industry standard sizes and are suitable for most locations.

  • Standard Size Small: 85 cm x 150 cm
  • Standard Size Small: 85 x cm x 120 cm

All our mats undergo rigorous cleaning to significantly bring them back to functionality and appearance. industrial cotton floor mats

Processing of our commercial cotton floor mats takes twice as long as our standard nylon mats. Service charges are more but the function of these industrial cotton floor mats in the appropriate location is unquestionable

Cotton Mats Are The Perfect Safety Matting Choice
Rentex Hygiene
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