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Automatic Hand Dryers To Buy

Automatic hand dryers to purchase in Yorkshire, Rentex  based in Wakefield near Huddersfield is your one stop shop for the purchase of commercial Eco friendly and automatic electric hand dryers

automatic hand dryers
automatic hand dryers

Rentex provide a professional services for anyone buying energy efficient electric hand dryers for washroom locations. We specialize in quality EU manufactured and sourced CE approved energy efficient hand drying products and are dedicated to providing our expertise, professionalism and unparalleled customer service to our customers.

We sell hand dryers around the UK and generally can provide a next working day delivery service to most areas including London, Manchester,  Sheffield, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Automatic Hand Dryers Why Purchase Electric Hand Dryers

Many buyers may feel intimidated when faced with the challenge of purchasing the right automatic hand dryer. Rentex based near Leeds have been providing quality hand dryers to business users since 1999, commercial washroom automatic hand dryers is one of the items we specialize in. We offer a wide range of quality hand dryers to buy including high range hand dryers, and budget hand dryers for low usage areas.

Feel free to contact one of our friendly Rentex sales team for additional information on the purchase of hand dryers and services. We will take the time to find out the best hand dryer solution for your washroom area and want you to feel comfortable that you have made the right decision.

At Rentex our automatic hand dryers offer top quality performance for the commercial washroom environment we supply service station with heavy duty hand dryers, school hand dryers and local authority hand dryers.

Traditionally push button hand dryers were widely used however in the last few years modern technology as meant that automatic are becoming more and more popular, you Just place your hands in front of the sensor and the automatic hand dryer will activate immediately and switch off at a preset time.

Buy Automatic Hand dryers

Our customers are characterized by their long association with us. The majority of our automatic hand dryer sales are from referrals and word of mouth but increasingly our online presence is becoming a source of hand dryer sales.

Whether you are a facilities manager who places an order for one of our commercial auto hand dryers or are a trade contractor who buys large quantities of our electric hand dryers, you remain our highest priority irrespective of size and treat all of our customers with the same proactive attitude.

At Rentex we are very proud to say that our hand dryer customers in Doncaster, Brighton, Cambridge, Nottingham and Leicester to name a few continue to seek our services and expertise and are proud of the relationships we have maintained over the years.

It is our belief that true performance is measured under pressure, and a true business relationship is measured with time.

Buy Blade Hand Dryersautomatic hand dryers to buy

This automatic blade hand dryer is the ultimate in automatic hand drying with hands in operation and no moving of hands required to operate the unit, and is preferred by many stylish and prestige business establishments.

With designer looks and low power consumption these hand dryers are a powerful alternative to the purchase of Dyson Air Blade automatic hand dryers but with additional features such as an internal water collection tray that collects water during the drying cycle that usually drips from the users hands instead of blowing it on to the floor or wall causing potential slip hazards within the washroom area.

Choosing A Hand Dryer To Purchase

Vandal Proof

The majority of our hand dryers are made from either heavy duty die Cast metal or stainless steel so they are built to last within demanding washrooms, our ABS hand dryers offer a budget hand dryer for less frequently used locations which are unlikely to be abused in public washrooms.

Hand Dryer Drying Times

Our Eco automatic hand dryers dry hands in less than 15 seconds and is also extremely economical reducing power consumption by up to 70 the rest of our electric hand dryers range from 15 to 20 seconds depending on the power you choose, the higher the wattage the quicker they will dry your hands.

How Much Noise Do They Make

Our commercial hand dryers range from 60db -70db decimals which is an acceptable noise level for most commercial premises.

Eco Friendly

Hand dryers are claimed to be better for the environment. One source claims that an average restaurant using paper towels, annually, results in 9 fully-grown trees being cut down, and 1,000 pounds of landfill waste created, though many businesses are often unaware of these high wastage’s and environmental impact consequences.

Buy Automatic Hand Dryers

We have a range of quality commercial hygiene supplies to purchase please use one of the link below for our most popular items.


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