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Chataeu Entrance Mats

Chateau Entrance Logo Mats

Chateau entrance logo mats for new development venue in the french region La Fleche. Located near the Loir River and is also on the Greenwich Meridian.

La Flèche is located halfway between Le Mans and Angers. This is small town and commune in the French department of Sarthe. In the Pays de la Loire region in the Loire Valley.

chateau entrance door mats
Chateau entrance mats

Chateau Entrance Logo Mats

At Rentex we have been providing bespoke logo mats and matting since 1999.  We have recently been asked to produce a Chateau entrance mat for a new bed and breakfast and wedding venue near La Flèche.

The brief was to promote the chateaus brand whilst keeping the colours suitable for an item that will be subject to heavy footfall.

Additionally, the size of the mat was very important as too small, and it would become ineffective at reducing dirt within the property.  Too large and the mats would look out of place with items of furniture placed on the edges.   

Our standard portrait size of 115×175 was perfect for this Chateau in La Fleche and also worked well with the entrance furniture.

Why Use Entrance Mats

Whether it is for your chateau reception or for your orangery. Professional entrance logo mats are a perfect investment for keeping your chateau floors clean. The primary purpose of any doormat is to provide a safe surface. That can also be used to prevent dirt from getting into a Chateau. However, it is also important to ensure that a mat does not interfere with the function of a door, which is why placement is a key factor.

What is a Chateau ?

A chateau is a large stately residence, often an imposing and also historically significant building, which may be fortified or luxurious.  Originates in France at first, as castle or fortified manor house. It typically features large walls, towers, as well as other defensive structures.

The word “château” can also refer to any grand house that has been constructed in the style of a medieval fortress. The qualifying characteristics for a château include its size, architecture, and also purpose.  The interiors usually housed a large courtyard, living quarters for the chateaus occupants, and sometimes even a chapel.

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