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Air Freshener Services By Rentex
Rentex Hygiene

Professional Air Care

Enhancing the atmosphere within your premises with our air care services you will also promote a proactive and positive attitude.

Air Fresheners

Air Freshener Services

Air freshener service for commercial premises by uniformed friendly operatives in Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Doncaster, Harrogate and York.

Why air freshener services ? research as shown that foul odour’s in the work place can also have a negative effect on staff and customers.

Enhancing the atmosphere within your premises with our air freshener service you will also promote a proactive and positive attitude.

Rentex Hygiene air freshener services based in Wakefield near Leeds. Providing high quality LCD air freshening units that will dispense a long-lasting fragrance within any workplace environment.

Used mainly in washrooms but can also provide odour neutralizing in sports gyms & changing facilities, receptions, nurseries and offices keeping your business smelling fresh and clean.

Our professional air care product range is suitable for all locations and is part of a coordinated washroom product range of hygiene systems. 

Air Freshener Services
Air freshener services

Serviced on a regular basis in the Yorkshire and the surrounding areas by our friendly uniformed washroom service operatives.

Air Freshener Service Contract Rental

Air freshener rental services in Yorkshire by Rentex Hygiene Services significantly improve your facilities.

Dispensers are key lockable and fixed to your walls by our service team, they will also automatically dispense a burst of fragrance to combat foul odours.

Our experienced washroom business development representative will tour your facility with you to assess your aircare service requirements

We will then recommend the most economical washroom aircare program based on your objectives, budget and odour control requirements.

Site Service

Our Wakefield air freshener service operatives call on a scheduled service visit in North, East, South and West Yorkshire to maintain and replenish your air freshener dispenser units with a range of commercial grade air freshener aerosols.

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Air Freshener Services and Automatic Dispenser Range

Air freshener services by Rentex, we offer a selection of premium dispensers to suit most locations with our white dispenser range being the most popular for washrooms as they blend in with most bathroom & washroom fittings.

For a more prestigious appearance our automatic designer chrome air freshener dispenser units are proving popular with the more executive company washroom.

Aerosol air freshener service refills are manufactured in the UK and furthermore comply with European legislation.

Reducing The Environmental Impact

Often overlooked by many air freshener service companies is the disposal of the used canisters. We now recycle the majority of our washroom air freshener aerosols.air freshener services

Reducing air freshener service waste is an important issue that is constantly under review. This can be achieved by simply setting our air freshener service dispensers to operate during specific times.

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