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Hand Dryers
Rentex Hygiene
Hand Dryer Rental By Rentex

Rentex hand dryer rental services are based in Wakefield within West Yorkshire. We provide stylish as well as contemporary and Eco energy saving automatic electric hand dryers.hand dryer rental

As a business it is important to provide adequate means of washroom hand drying facilities in the commercial workplace. This also provides a positive image for staff, visitors and clients.

Our main electric hand dryer is the turbo automatic unit available in white or stainless steel chrome effect.

Hand Dryer Rental Services Yorkshire

Friendly uniformed hygiene service operative’s cover; Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley, Mansfield, Huddersfield, Halifax and Doncaster including Harrogate and York.

We can arrange to install your hand driers subject to a site survey visit in the Yorkshire area, we normally only install to existing electrical spur points but always endeavor to find a hand drying solution.

Commercial hand drying options

Professional hand dryers for demanding locations with full breakdown cover.

Electric Hand Dryer UltraDry Pro 1 White
Electric Hand Dryer UltraDry Pro 1 White
Electric Hand Dryer UltraDry Pro 1 Stainless Steel
Hand Dryer Rental

Hand Dryer Rental - Positive Business Reasons

There are lots of reasons for choosing hand dryer rental, and usually the most important is financial reasons. Cheap hand dryers might save money but will not be fit for purpose.

Hand Dryer Rental An Alternative To The Use Of Paper Towels.

For almost every business currently using paper towels, the cost of continually buying paper towels will be more than it would cost to rent a top quality, highly efficient electric hand dryer, and so renting becomes an obvious business choice.hand dryers

When taken into account the costs of clearing paper towels up and disposing of them, the saving becomes even greater (one site said that it was costing them £1,000 per year just to unblock drains caused by paper towels!)

Hand Dryer Rental – No Up Front Cost

As a business suddenly being able to find the purchase price of high end hand dryers out of your budget is not always possible. Spreading the cost over a number of years makes far more sense.

Hand Dryer Cheaper Options

Unfortunately all too often hand dryer purchases especially hand dryers options are based on the cheapest price or quote.

With so many options available it is very easy choosing the wrong hand dryers, hand dryers on the cheap simply doesn’t work.

How many times have you witnessed someone finishing drying their hands on their clothing.

Hand Dryer Rental – Peace Of Mind Services

Choosing a reputable business such as Rentex, means any fault which appears during your rental agreement will be taken care of immediately by trained personnel who will visit your site and fix the problem by repairing or replacing the dryer.

Commercial facilities managers looking for a way to actually save money on their monthly consumables budget need a hand drying solution. 

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