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Mens Washroom Sanitary Waste Bins
Rentex Hygiene

Mens Washroom Sanitary Waste Bin Disposal Yorkshire

Mens washroom sanitary waste bin services have been added to further promote a diverse and also inclusive washroom environment.

mens washroom sanitary waste bin services
Mens washroom sanitary waste bin services Yorkshire

The Government says it is supporting the UK in with the bins campaign. This encourages organisations to install sanitary bins into men’s toilets for trans men, non-binary people and men with medical conditions such as prostate cancer a stoma or incontinence.

As part of our scheduled collection we will remove your offensive waste control bags from site under licence to comply with current European legislation. Ensuring that our customers also don’t contravene their Duty of Care under the Health and Safety Regulations.

Ethical Waste Disposal

Whatever business your in, it’s especially important that you follow hygiene procedures and also dispose of waste correctly.

mens washroom sanitary bin services

With a fully audited supply chain ensuring only the highest quality service. we deliver real results and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the waste your business produces is dealt with in an ethical and sustainable manner by a family operated offensive waste disposal Yorkshire company.

Mens Washroom Sanitary Waste Bin Why Do Male Toilets Need Them 

Loss of bladder control is a side effect of prostate cancer treatment and Prostate Cancer UK says many men face anxiety over what to do with their used incontinence pads when out in public.

An estimated one in eight men will get prostate cancer. With many of those prone to experiencing long term urinary problems as a side effect of their treatment.

Sanitary bins also allow men to dispose of their incontinence pads, stoma products and other hygiene waste items easily, safely and with dignity.

Washroom Waste Disposal – Law and You

Men of all ages can experience incontinence, so by incorporating incontinence units into male washroom cubicles you can also ensure you’re meeting the hygiene needs of employees and visitors. While also helping to reduce the stigma around male incontinence.

All sites by law should be provided with a Duty of Care certificate to certify that your offensive soiled waste is disposed of in the correct ethical as well as legal manner. For full legislative advice please contact your local environmental agency. Please view the link about your Duty of Care and what your controlled waste provider should have.

Mens Washroom Sanitary Waste Bin Within The Workplace

Until recently, male incontinence was a condition that has been rarely spoken about in the media, in the workplace or even amongst friends. Such is the stigma surrounding male incontinence.

bin liners for male incontinence bins
Sanicare bin liners for waste units

Men with the condition can often feel fearful of leaving the house without knowledge of proper waste disposal facilities in place at their destination.

This can also lead to missed days at work, declined invitations and a negative impact on the sufferer’s mental health.

Our Washroom Waste Disposal Team

Our dedicated service team has an excellent track record in customer service. With years of operating experience, our expert knowledge is second to none and is always consistently professional in line with the needs of your business and current legislation.

We believe we are a customer focused, environmentally aware service business delivering real results in partnership with customers. Enabling cost savings over an extended period.

With time increasingly at a premium our Female Sanitary Bin Services also ensure we add value to your business by making everything as streamlined as possible and most information can be dealt with via email.

Waste Removal Services

With the same high attention to health and safety concerning the removal of waste from site as our other washroom waste removal services.

Rentex mens washroom sanitary waste bin services will work with you to find the right solution to your hygiene disposal requirements. This service is ideal for such locations as offices, surgery’s and also healtcare practices who require flexible waste collections.

Bulk Waste Collection Services

Bulk trade waste service. Dependent on which type of waste you produce you will be required to place the offensive and soiled waste within a coloured waste bag ready for collection this is a legal requirement.

Rentex operatives have the right to refuse collection of waste that is not placed in the correct waste sacks. Please note that all offensive waste should also be placed in our yellow tiger bags only.

Washroom Service Areas

Main offensive waste disposal Yorkshire service Locations; Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Harrogate and also York.

Rentex are also expanding to cover other locations in North, South, East and West Yorkshire.

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