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Super Scraper Mat High Performance
Rentex Hygiene

Super Scraper Mat Duel Effect For High Usage Areas

This dirt catching super scraper mat has a unique double feature, the integrated fibres remove the dirt from shoes whilst the high twist nylon keeps the dirt and moisture within the mat.  Our super mat is ideal for high footfall locations such as schools, surgery’s, retail outlets, offices and workshops.

The main purpose of an entrance scraper mat is to capture the bulk of dirt and water entering a building, an average of 70% of all cleaning costs is spent on floor cleaning.

Whilst our standard dirt control mats are adequate for the majority of business floorcare requirements this matting is truly in a league of its own when it comes to dirt control performance.

Super Scraper Mats Designed For Hard Work

A super scraper mat works for you seven days a week the super scraper mat plays an important double role in your building. Not only does it look sophisticated and professional, but it also fulfills the vitally important role of preventing dirt and moisture from entering your premises and protecting expensive floor coverings.

The super scraper mat makes it much easier to keep your existing floor clean, further enhancing that good first impression. It also significantly reduces the risk of accidents resulting from slipping on a wet floors.

Scraper Mats
Super Scraper Mats

Fine heat-set fibres combined with heavy duty fibres to create a dual action heavy duty super scraper mat.

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Super Scraper Mats For Superior Dirt Control

Rentex scraper mats have a high twist nylon pile for absorbency with a Monofilament to facilitate a scraper action and rubber backing which provides a strong grip to the floor surface, greatly reducing the risk of tripping.super scraper mat

Our entire commercial range of mats have been developed to address the needs of business and public buildings, from Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Work Shops, Hair Salons, even Hospitals and Schools.  Whether corporate identity and branding is required or the control of water and dirt ingress. With the aim of reducing cleaning bills, to work force and personnel protection from slips and trips then you will find a solution within the Rentex floorcare range.

Online Quotation

Super Scraper Mat Rental Service By Rentex

An experienced floorcare business development representative will tour your facility with you to assess your super scraper mat requirements. We will then recommend the most economical mat rental program based on your objectives, budget and floor protection needs.

  • Consultant designs a custom service program
  • No up-front investment is necessary
  • All our employees trained on the proper use and maintenance of commercial floor mats
  • High traction floor mats
  • Friendly, trained floor care service operatives pick up and deliver your freshly laundered matting

Super Scraper Mat Sizes

Our standard sizes can accommodate most commercial entrances.

  • Scraper mat 85 cm x 150 cm
  • Scraper mat 115 cm x 175 cm
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