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Z Fold Paper Hand Towels 2ply White

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Z fold are a perfect low wastage option for all facilities that require a quality paper hand towel

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Z Fold Paper Hand Towels 2ply White 

Rentex Hygiene Services supply a range of quality hand drying solutions, with quality, functionality and affordability combined. Our paper hand towels are also manufactured from responsibly sourced materials from pure white paper giving a clean and hygienic look.

Z Fold Paper Hand Towels 2ply White
Z fold paper hand towels 2ply white

Z Fold Paper Hand Towels 2ply White

These products are manufactured under CHSA guidelines. Designed to be used in paper hand towel dispensers.

Ideal for shops, garages, factories, canteens, surgeries, clinics, hospitals, guest houses, hotels as well as childcare facilities, restrooms and also washrooms.

Dispensing one towel at a time, our hand towels minimise cross-contamination, improving levels of hygiene whilst reducing consumption. The self-presenting towel fits most industry standard dispensers

The Z fold are a perfect option for all facilities that require a quality paper hand towel.

Z Fold Features

  • Individually wrapped sleeves
  • Quantity per case: 2400 sheets
  • 2ply white soft touch cellulose paper
  • Pure pulp premium
    Paper hand towel dispenser
    Key lockable metal towel dispenser

White 2-ply luxury Z-Fold hand towels are more cost effective than regular C-Fold towels. This premium hand towel product opens fully when pulled from the dispenser and does not stick to other towels

Our white z-fold 2-ply towels also known as multi fold is suitable for all restroom environments.

key working areas also include commercial washrooms for offices, retail, warehouse and also Schools.

Paper Hand Towel Dispenser White Enameled Steel

These robust hand towel dispensers are perfect for commercial as well as industrial locations.

  • Dispenses Z-fold and also multifold hand towel paper
  • White powder coat epoxy finish
  • Key lockable
  • UK Manufactured

A modern and stylish hand towel dispenser constructed from mild steel with a white powder coat finish. The key lockable unit is designed to dispense either Z fold or multifold interleaved paper.

What Is A Z-Fold Paper Towel ?

A Z-fold hand towel is one that has an extra fold in the middle, which gives it the ‘Z’ shape. This means Z-fold towels, also known as multi-fold paper towels, will dispense one sheet at a time.

Can I Recycle These Paper Towels ?

Yes, as long as they’re clean, these Z-fold hand towels can be recycled after use. However, if they’re covered in food waste or other soiling, they won’t be accepted as this can contaminate the recycling process.

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