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Aluminium Entrance Matting
Rentex Hygiene

Heavy Duty Modern Entrance Matting

Our aluminium entrance matting works for you seven days a week. High quality entrance mats play an important double role in your building.  Not only does it look sophisticated and professional. But it also fulfills the vitally important role of preventing dirt and moisture from entering your premises and protecting expensive floor coverings.

As a professional floorcare provider Rentex are distributors of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of entrance mat systems that are designed to reduce dirt and damp in buildings.Aluminium entrance matting

Aluminium Entrance Matting

Our aluminium entrance matting systems do much more than protect buildings and their users.  Combining customised designs and high-quality workmanship,  aluminium entrance mats will help any entrance area make a grand entrance of its own.

Our aluminium entrance mats are ideal for normal to heavy loads.

  • Lght foot traffic areas 10mm depth
  • Medium to heavy foot traffic areas 17mm depth
  • Ribbed antracite carpet inserts

Another Step To Cleaner Entrances

Heavily frequented buildings and areas that have special aesthetic requirements: with our aluminium entrance matting you have the peace of mind that your flooring requirements are covered. aluminium entrance mats

Designed for high usage locations with a daily footfall of 2000. Our aluminium matting will also reduce your dirt ingress protecting your floor coverings.

Your entrance area has a significant influence on the first impressions your customers and business partners receive. Be that consciously as well as unconsciously!

High-quality aluminium entrance mats and quality dirt control mats prevent dirt and moisture in buildings, this also helps you to improve your image and reduce cleaning costs.

Installation, Service & Maintenance

Our experienced floorcare business development representative will tour your facility with you to assess your entrance matting requirements.aluminium entrance matting instals

Entrance Matting Installation

Replacing old and inefficient flooring for modern high performing matting carried out by fully trained installers.

Made from rigid aluminium with heavy duty fiber inserts along with its unique dirt fall through capabilities.

T-Bar Joining System

For larger entrances and complicated layouts we use our T-Bar system for joining the entrance matting. aluminium entrance matting

Using this type of joining plate not only gives a smart appearance but avoids unsightly and potentially hazardous gaps within the entrance matting layout.

Where possible we arrange for the T-Bar joints placing  either side of the main walk through point.

Placing the aluminium T-Bar joints in this way also makes servicing and maintenance simpler.

Aluminium Entrance Matting – Maintenance 

Once your new aluminium entrance matting is installed we will then recommend the most economical floorcare service program based on your objectives, budget and dirt control protection requirements. Aluminium mat installation

Our floorcare service team call on a scheduled visit quarterly as well as annually.  We fully remove your entrance matting, thoroughly clean together with removing all dirt from the fall through points.

Leaving you with a fresh renovated entrance mat which provides functionality together with appearance.

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Commercial Entrance Logo Mats

We also provide heavy duty bespoke Logo Mats with your corporate design  

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