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Offensive waste disposal Yorkshire
Rentex Hygiene

Offensive Waste Disposal Yorkshire

Offensive Waste Disposal Yorkshire
Offensive Waste Disposal Yorkshire

Waste disposal Yorkshire by friendly staff, we have regular collections in the following areas of Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster including Harrogate and York.

Our offensive waste disposal Yorkshire service is designed to ensure the safe, legal and ethical disposal of your offensive waste from business users such as local authority or private residential and care homes to nurseries, schools and childcare facilities.

Our friendly professional service representatives call to remove waste in a discreet and professional manner within the Yorkshire area.

As part of our scheduled collection we will remove your offensive waste control bags from site under licence to comply with current European legislation for safe disposal and ensuring that our customers don’t contravene their Duty of Care under the Health and Safety Regulations.

Waste Disposal Management

Offensive waste disposal Yorkshire by discrete staff, we believe in offering a wide range of commercial offensive waste disposal bins , our standard capacity waste collection unit is a 360 litre disposal container intended for external use.

Our large commercial outdoor and high usage waste collection units are available for contract rental from 360 litre yellow bin waste collection units up to 660 litre capacities.

With locking lids and drop down front doors to facilitate easy filling, all these 660 litre industrial waste collection bins have a secure foot operated heavy duty break system to avoid the risk of them rolling into adjacent objects.

Waste Disposal Yorkshire – Law and You

The safe removal and disposal of soiled offensive waste from business locations must be provided by a licensed waste management company. All businesses must also comply with current regulations. Controlled waste should be removed from site by a fully licensed business who deals in controlled waste services.

All sites by law should be provided with a Duty of Care certificate to certify that your offensive soiled waste is disposed of in the correct ethical and legal manner. For full legislative advice please contact your local environmental agency. Please view the link about your Duty of Care and what your controlled waste provider should have.

Waste Disposal For Schools, Nursing and Residential Homes

We mainly supply and service local authority residential and care homes with our offensive waste disposal Yorkshire services including private childcare facilities with a fully compliant offensive waste removal and management services.offensive waste disposal Yorkshire

We also provide an emergency offensive waste disposal Yorkshire call out service for the collection and disposal of offensive waste and controlled waste especially when unforeseen circumstances should arise.

All our commercial waste is managed in the appropriate legal manor and due to the nature of the internal contents all our yellow offensive waste control bags must be 3/4 filled and tied using plastic tie wraps to avoid further health risks.

Additional Supplies of Offensive Waste Sacks

Depending on the residential or care homes requirements and service needs yellow offensive collection bags are supplied depending on what waste is to be collected as part of the waste removal contract.

In certain situations we will send out on a next working day delivery via our couriers extra supplies of bags if required for a minimal fee to cover our courier charges.

  • Bags supplied in rolls of 20
  • Next working day delivery

Health Clinics and Medical Centre Offensive Waste Removal

With the same high attention to health and safety concerning the removal of waste from site as our other controlled waste removal services.

Rentex offensive waste disposal Yorkshire will work with you to find the right solution to your clinical disposal requirements. This service is ideal for such locations as small doctors surgery’s and dental practices who require flexible waste collections.

Offensive Waste Disposal Yorkshire Collection Services

Dependent on which type of waste you produce you will be required to place the offensive and soiled waste within a coloured waste bag ready for collection this is a legal requirement.

Rentex operatives have the right to refuse collection of waste that is not placed in the correct waste sacks, please note that all offensive waste should be placed in our yellow tiger bags only.

Offensive Waste Disposal Yorkshire Service Areas

Main offensive waste disposal Yorkshire service Locations; Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Harrogate and York.

Don’t worry if you are not in any of the above areas as Rentex are expanding to cover other locations in North, South, East and West Yorkshire.

Disposal Team

Our dedicated service team has an excellent track record in customer service, and with years of operating experience, our expert knowledge is second to none and is always consistently professional in line with the needs of your business and current legislation.

We believe we are a customer focused, environmentally aware service business, delivering real results in partnership with customers, enabling cost savings over an extended period.

With time increasingly at a premium our offensive waste disposal Yorkshire services also ensure we add value to your business by making everything as streamlined as possible and most information can be dealt with via email.

With the latest technology at our disposal we can tailor an offensive waste collection schedule that fits in with your commercial disposal requirements, all backed up by our flexible waste collection methods.

With a fully audited supply chain ensuring only the highest quality service, we deliver real results and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the waste your business produces is dealt with in an ethical and sustainable manner by a family operated offensive waste disposal Yorkshire company.

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