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About Rentex Hygiene Services Wakefield

about rentex hygiene services wakefield
About Rentex Hygiene Services Wakefield

After working for a large national mat rental and washroom service provider for over 10 years and dealing with the associated problems you would expect from a large organisation.  Rentex was established in 1999 by our partners within West Yorkshire to do things better.

To date Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd is still a family operated business that has grown to its present position. We have become a major force within commercial washroom hygiene installations, hygiene product distribution and on site business maintenance services such as; electric hand dryer rental services, entrance logo mat cleaning. Dirt control matting and sanitary hygiene services, cabinet roller towels and quality paper products and hygiene supplies.

Rentex hygiene services limited are based in Wakefield within West Yorkshire. We provide business washroom services and ladies feminine sanitary bin waste removal services for business users only to companies within the Yorkshire area.

Rentex understand that no organisation can underestimate the high benefits of personal hygiene services provided by a professional washroom service partner. It will not only enhance your image but comply with your legal duties under the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Regulations 1992.

About Rentex Hygiene Services Wakefield – Service Team

From our humble beginnings to the present day everyone understands the importance of service and response times. These are the foundations of our business and consequently high customer retention.

Should a member of the service team be unable to fulfill the scheduled site service visit then office staff or one of the partners will cover their roll (would a national company be so committed ?).

Totally Independent Family Operated Business

No Sub Contractors Used – All Services By Our Own Enhanced DBS Checked Team

Rentex are not affiliated with any other workplace service provider and are Totally Independent which further maintains our reliability and response times.

Contacting Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd

Enjoy our Web site and be sure to take a look through a selection of the products and services we offer. Contact us to speak to a member of our service team Tel: 01924 253533 Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

We will be happy to discuss your commercial washroom requirements.  Should it be for Hotels, Manufacturing, Offices as well as restaurants we look forward to hearing from you.

Important Service Information.

Unlike many (Independent) washroom service companies we do not sub-contract parts of your order to third parties or one of the national washroom companies. Therefore our advise is based on your needs and not commission based targets.

Services provided by Rentex in Yorkshire

Listed below is a few services that we also provide for commercial facilities and business users.

  • Entrance logo mats and also dust control matting
  • Sanitary bin hygiene services 
  • Air freshener services
  • Hand Sanitisers Washroom & Soap dispenser maintenance services
  • Cabinet roller towel services
  • Infection control and also nappy waste disposal services

Reliable & Discreet Services
Rentex Hygiene

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