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Neutrabin Sanitary Bin Sanitiser

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Commercial grade washroom sanitary waste unit sanitiser & odor control


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NeutraBin Sanitary Bin Sanitiser

NeutraBin sanitary bin sanitiser. This product is specifically designed for the safe storage of soiled dressings within sanitary disposal units, the special Bio Active sanitiser is 99 % biodegradable and can also be used in domestic waste bins and also Nappy bins.

neutrabin sanitary bin sanitiser
Sanitary bin sanitiser

Neutrabin specifically produces a slow release germicide with odour neutralising properties controlling vapors that are activated upon contact with moisture or waste materials within the receptical.

Using NeutraBin ensures that harmful airborne bacteria is neutralised as a result reducing the risk of germ inhalation by your sanitary bin services operative.

NeutraBin Sanitary Bin Sanitiser

Product Features

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Can be used for medical and also nappy disposal units 
  • Fast acting formula
  • Inhibits microbic cell multiplication
  • Bio active Independently tested and approved
  • Internal spout to facilitate measured 20 mg dose (approximate)
  • 1 x 1000 gm container = approximately 50 applications

NeutraBin markedly differs in comparison to other products that aim to control odours and destroy bin bacteria.

Control of MRSA; E Coli; Hep B; HIV as well as a range of other potentially infectious organisms.

The properties of our Neutrabin sanitary bin sanitiser ensures that offensive odours are destroyed but also that the bacteria is controlled and destroyed at the same time.

Neutra-Bin Sanitary Bin Sanitiser Waste Disposal

Bacterium could also derive from such things as soiled dressings or even general organic waste. The main thing to consider is that NeutraBin works in a non toxic manner the odors that it produces as a result of reacting with the bacteria will be non toxic and not harmful.

This means that any odors produced are less harmful than those that are produced by the waste in question. Demonstration of one of our bin sanitisers being used within a feminine sanitary disposal unit ready for use.

Commercial grade waste disposal control used by our washroom hygiene service operatives. Neutrabin is sold and distributed by Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd.

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Additional information

Weight 1.50 kg



1 x Shaker Bottle Approximately 50 Applications


Mainland UK Only


Inhibits Microbic Cell Multiplication

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