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Washroom Sanitary Bin Services Leeds

Our washroom service operatives maintain your feminine hygiene units and remove all offensive sanitary waste from site for safe legal and ethical disposal. We are a fully licensed business who deals in controlled waste services.

Washroom Sanitary Bin Services Leeds
Washroom Sanitary Bin Services Leeds

All sites by law should be provided with a duty of care certificate to certify that your sanitary waste is disposed of in the correct legal manner.

When choosing a washroom services company you should consider a few key areas such as; are you dealing direct with the washroom company or will your order be sub-contracted to another party, and most importantly will your waste be disposed of legally with a full washroom service Duty of Care procedure in place ?.

Our experienced washroom services business development representative will tour your facility with you to assess your service requirements. We then recommend the most economical washroom services program based on your objectives, budget and hygiene protection needs.

Washroom Sanitary Bin Services Leeds Benefits

Along with a range of unit options the benefits include some of the following.

  • Quality range of commercial washroom hygiene rental products
  • Local as well as proactive Leeds washroom service operatives
  • Washroom Sanitary Bin Services helps to avoid blocked drains
  • Environmentally friendly using washroom sanitary bin services Leeds
  • Complies with all your legal as well as ethical duties
  • We use commercial grade bio active Neutrabin sanitisers

We specifically allocate each site with its own feminine hygiene unit. On service we do not exchange your waste disposal bins with somebody else’s old unit.

Our friendly trained washroom service representatives call to maintain your feminine hygiene disposal bins in a discreet and also professional manner within the Yorkshire area.

Washroom Services Leeds – Dispensers

Our washroom range of dispensers is designed for the commercial washroom view our Classic Dispenser Range for further product information. sanitary bin service

Washroom sanitary bin services Leeds also deliver washroom consumable products around Leeds on a regular basis. We can also arrange for toilet rolls and consumable products purchased via our online shop or on a business trade account to be delivered with your sanitary bin service.

NOTE: It is also a legal requirement that all female washrooms are provided with disposal units and all waste removed from site under license for safe disposal. Contact Rentex Hygiene Services for a quotation on Tel: 01924 253533

Washroom Services Leeds

For additional information about our female sanitary disposal units please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our offices are open Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

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