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Washroom Contract Consumables

Contract washroom paper supplies such as Paper hand towels and also Toilet Rolls & Hand Soaps. Direct from Rentex Hygiene washroom paper supplies.washroom paper supplies

We have years of experience in the supply and rental of commercial hygiene products, and offer an extensive range of washroom supplies.

Rentex washroom paper supplies provides you with the opportunity to purchase hand soaps, toilet tissues and quality hand towels direct from a reliable source.

Peace Of Mind Services

Our simple scheduled delivery program means you also receive a supply on each washroom service visit.

As part of your Washroom Services contract our washroom paper supplies are the perfect solution for your washroom management.

Washroom Paper Supplies – Toilet Rolls

Rentex washroom paper supplies consumables are manufactured within CHSA guidelines and are available in 2 ply white water soluble paper.

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2ply

These traditional toilet rolls are the perfect answer for busy high traffic areas, designed to be used in a lockable dispenser which helps to reduce waste and pilferage in the washroom cubicle.washroom paper supplies

Ideal for locations such as: garages, factories, hospitals, guest houses, hotels, schools, childcare facilities, restrooms and busy retail washrooms.

  • 2ply white
  • 12 rolls per case
  • 150 meter per roll
  • Part of the contract washroom paper supplies range

These are a perfect option for all locations that require a quality 2ply toilet roll system in there washroom facilities.

Dispensers available.

Mini jumbo and also mini jumbo stub roll dispensers, part of our Classic White Range.

Washroom Paper Supplies – Bulk Pack Toilet TissuesBulk pack toilet tissues

These toilet multi folded tissues are the perfect answer to make substantial annual savings on your washroom consumable purchases, only one sheet dispensed which helps to reduce waste and pilferage within the washroom cubicle.

Ideal for locations such as: factories, hospitals, guest houses, hotels, schools and childcare facilities.

  • Individually wrapped sleeves
  • 9000 sheets per case
  •  2ply white
  • Part of the contract washroom paper supplies range

Washroom Hygiene Survey

Our experienced washroom service business development representative will tour your facility with you to assess your service washroom paper requirements.

We will then recommend the most economical washroom paper supplies program based on your objectives, budget and hygiene protection needs.

Washroom Paper Supplies – Dispensers washroom paper supplies

Our range of washroom paper supplies dispensers are available FREE on loan subject to contract purchase amounts, or at a minimal rental value for smaller orders.

All our units are key lockable and manufactured from durable ABS materials they are perfect for commercial washrooms.

Rentex washroom paper supplies dispensers are available in Classic white designer metallic grey or Polished chrome.

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