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Degreaser Concentrate

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Degreaser Concentrate 

Concentrated kitchen, restaurant degreaser and cleaner for the catering industry this professional cleaner is for use on fatty & greasy hard surfaces within the commercial working environment such as Kitchens, bars, bistros, cafes as well as canteens. Degreaser Concentrate

Application: Dilute concentrate with up to 40 parts water, apply by brush, spray or mop (ensure good ventilation), after a short contact time wipe surface and clean.

Degreaser Concentrate

Rinsing is not normally required and is best used with warm water, for heavy deposits further applications may be required.
Use product with caution test on a small area first on all sensitive materials, on heavily soiled areas use 1 to 10 parts water. 

Key application areas:

  • Kitchen worktops & surfaces
  • Floors
  • Soaking
  • Can even aid in laundry of items in washing machines  

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