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Urinal Bio active sanitiser refill

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Urinal Bio active sanitiser refill

Urinal Bio active sanitiser refill
Urinal Bio active sanitiser refill

Urinal and WC Bio-active sanitisers provide a total urinal and cistern cleaning solution for the effective prevention of uric scale and the control of bacterial growth and foul odours in urinals and associated piping whilst reducing staff involvement with cleaning chemicals.

This environmentally friendly biodegradable solution based on natural materials is a highly effective 3 in 1 sanitising product.

Designed for use in the automatic urinal sanitiser dispenser which is a fully programmable LCD unit specifically created for professional washroom service companies, each 310 ml refill will last up to sixty days depending on settings.  

Urinal Bio-active Sanitiser Refill Features

• Environmentally friendly
• Quantity: 6 x 310ml refills
• Product: Classic
• Non irritant
• Non hazardous
• Non corrosive
• Foaming action – visible evidence of solution
• Bio active scale prevention
• Fragranced liquid that releases a localised pleasant smell
• Cleaning surfactant has a cleaning action on the bowl and other surfaces

Key working areas:

  • Commercial Urinals and Cisterns  

Additional information

Weight 10.00 kg

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