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Rentex Hygiene Services Duty of Care

Your duty of care as a producer of waste. All employers have a legal duty of care to ensure that all waste is legally removed from site up to its final disposal. Breach of your duty of care is a criminal offense. This can Carry a penalty of up to £5,000 on conviction.

Weather you produce controlled waste or offensive waste we have listed below a few questions that may help answer your concerns.

duty of care

Duty of Care Questions

  • Do you have female washroom facilities with sanitary disposal units
  • Have baby changing facilities with disposal bins for used nappies
  • First aid room, equipment containing needles, scalpels or sharps bins
  • Infectious waste from residents or clients

If your answer is yes to any of the the above duty of care questions.  You are producing controlled waste and are liable for any breach in the Duty of Care of such waste. Please contact us  for a controlled waste disposal service solution in the Yorkshire area.

Duty of care a few simple but very important facts to consider

Duty of care companies with only a waste carrier’s licence, a point often overlooked simply allows companies to collect and carry your waste.

  1. This does not allow them to transfer that waste to another vehicle for consolidation.
  2. It does not allow them to transfer that waste to a holding bay at their depot
  3. And also does not allow them to transfer that waste to another waste management company.
  4. By not taking that waste directly to an approved disposal site on the day of collection. As the producer you can be held responsible for breaching your Duty of Care at work.yellow trade waste bin
  5. Breach of the Duty of Care is consequently a criminal offence. With a penalty of up to £5000 on summary conviction or an unlimited fine upon conviction.
  6. Rentex Hygiene Services Duty of Care, we have a Waste Carrier’s Licence and operate a registered Waste Storage Location.

The Law

If you are a producer of controlled waste you specifically have a legal duty of care. Duty of care applies to everyone involved with the handling of your waste. Starting with the site that produces it to the person who finally disposes of it.

The duty of care in particular is set out in section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. It applies to everyone who is a producer as well as handlers of controlled waste.

Under the Duty of Care Regulations 1991 act. All parties transferring controlled waste are required to complete and retain a waste transfer document containing written details of that waste. DEFRA the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs now requires waste to be described on the transfer note by reference to the European Waste Catalog.

These amendments to the 1991 Regulations were implied to meet the landfill directives requirements on monitoring acceptance and treatment of waste and resulting in the UK’s obligation to implement the (EWC).

Waste Management What Happens Next ?

Duty of care collections, when you choose a washroom service business partner it is a common and completely understandable assumption that all washroom hygiene waste disposal providers will have the required licence and certificates to permit them to remove your controlled waste.Duty of care

All washroom service companies from small family operated businesses to large national service providers must have a Waste Carriers Licence by law. Without a current licence they cannot legally remove your offensive waste, clinical waste or medical waste from site in their vehicles.

Your washroom service provider will almost certainly have a Waste Carrier’s Licence. It is illegal to collect and transport waste without one and you can be held accountable.

So it’s in your interest to ask to see evidence and keep a copy of their up-to-date and valid Carrier’s Licence and legal documentation.

Questions to ask of your current or potential service provider

Key questions and answers that should be considered when choosing a new provider.

  • What happens to my waste at the end of the day when all the waste collections have been made and the service vehicle returns to your depot ?
  • After you have taken my waste away. How long is it before it ends up at an incinerator or landfill site ?
  • What happens to my waste in the meantime ?
  • How do I know that the incinerators or landfill sites you use are properly licensed ?
  • Does your company operate an approved Waste Storage Station ?

The reason why these Duty of Care questions are especially important is quite simple. Without a Waste Storage Exemption, the only legal destination for your waste on the day of collection is an approved incinerator or landfill site.

That means that all your washroom supplier’s service vehicles will have to end up at an approved disposal site every single working day! and we know that this simply does not happen. This significantly puts you at risk of breaching your Duty of Care as the producer of the controlled waste.


Waste Storage Facilities

Rentex Hygiene Services permitted activities of Controlled Waste at Currock House Denby Dale Road East, Durkar, England, WF4 3AX. The Environment Agency Exemption Number is: XH0014VE  2.1.1 S2 storage of waste in a secure place.

All sanitary waste, nappy waste, clinical sharps units and medical waste is brought back to our facility. It is then stored securely within the terms of our licence until it is ready for disposal.

This facility allows our customers to be safe and secure in the knowledge that the waste they produce and are responsible for, is disposed of in an ethical and legal manner to comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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