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Coir Logo Mats - Mat Well Matting
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Coir Logo Mats

By choosing coir logo mats you are investing in a quality entrance matting solution that is in keeping with your company branding. You will also be able to protect the investment that you have made in your flooring.

Coir logo mats Minimize slip hazards from rain water walked in, reduce cleaning costs and above all, maintain that important first impression from the moment your customers approach the entrance to your premises.

These dirt catching coir logo mats also have a unique double feature. The natural fibres remove the dirt from shoes whilst the deep pile keeps the dirt and moisture within the mat. Our coir logo matting is ideal for high footfall locations such as restaurants, shops, retail outlets and workshops.

When it features your company logo or crest a good quality logo doormat is the best solution to create the right impression for your customers and visitors.

The main purpose of your coir mats is to capture the bulk of dirt and water entering a building.

Coir Mats Designed For Demanding Areas

When manufactured a coir logo mat design is inlaid into the coir for a very long lasting finish. The design is cut out in the appropriate coloured coir and inserted into the back ground colour of the mat so the coloured fibres run throughout.

Coir Logo Matting

Coir Logo Mats

Made from 17 mm thick PVC backed coir, choose from 9 colours of coir that can accommodate most logo designs.

Coir Logo Mat - Installation

Our natural coir logo mats are easy to trim to a perfect fit with a sharp knife.  For deep mat wells simply put a piece of plywood of the appropriate thickness into the mat well and place the coir logo mat on top. coir logo mats

Ideally the top of the coir bristles should lie flush with the floor to minimize the risk of tripping. Our PVC backed coir matting is best used indoors.

If the mat is to be used externally we would suggest puncturing the PVC backing with holes. This will allow excess water to drain away.

Printed Nylon Logo Mats

Welcome your clients and visitors with a clean and safe entrance. As a result image logo matting will help your business to stand out from the crowd with our custom image logo mats.

Our affordable and quality nylon Logo Mats will help your business stand out and consequently gives your customers and client’s confidence in your service.

Printed Nylon Logo Mats
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Cafe Logo Door Mats
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