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Autocut Dispenser 2 Ply White Paper Towel Rolls

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For Autocut Paper Towel Dispensers  

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Autocut Dispenser 2 Ply White Paper Towel Rolls

White Embossed 2ply continuous roll towels for use with Rentex autocut towel dispensers.  This towel system provides hygienic, practical as well as 100% usage of paper.

Autocut Dispenser 2 Ply White Paper Towel Rolls
Autocut 2 Ply White Paper Towels

When used with one of our autocut system dispensers, which can dispense a single use open flat sheet.  The system can cope with medium to busy washrooms, providing a good supply of hand towels that should last.

Autocut Dispenser 2 Ply White Paper Towel Rolls

Embossed white continuous rolls towels from Rentex are suitable for use in hygiene conscious environments. These embossed white continuous paper towel rolls are available in 2 ply to provide a faster drying experience.


  • 6 rolls
  • 100m x 200mm x 40mm
  • 2 ply continuous roll
  • Embossed
    autocut paper hand towel dispenser
    Dispensers Sold Separately
  • White

Dispenser Benefits

With its self presenting towel that cuts down on cross contamination, also helping to prevent the spread of germs. This means the only sheet touched is the one that is used, therefore reducing cross contamination.

The unit is specifically manufactured in the UK and extremely compact in its design. Loading of the paper roll is easy and straight forward. The integral cutter is made of a special compound which re-sharps itself every time it cuts the paper.

As well as being hygienic and east to clean it will also reduce the amount of wastage compared to traditional hand towel dispensers therefore offering you savings.

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