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Controlled Drug Destruction Services Leeds, Wakefield, Doncaster, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Halifax, Harrogate and York the disposal of your unwanted or out of date controlled drugs must first be denatured then controlled drug disposaldestroyed via incineration, so that they cannot be recovered, retrieved or re-used.

Denaturing drugs via a controlled drugs destruction kit will render them harmless and unfit for use until they are totally destroyed via incineration.

This act applies to all controlled disposal procedures. Rentex hygiene based in Wakefield near Leeds in West Yorkshire can help you maintain your legal obligations at work.

Controlled Drug Disposal At Work

If you manage health centers, surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies or veterinary surgeries you will understand the importance of the correct management of controlled drugs as laid down by the Misuse of Drugs Act 2001.
By using a licensed controlled disposal waste carrier, you can ensure that your waste is disposed of correctly and that the disposal is audited from point of use right through to final destruction. This demonstrates you are meeting your compliance obligations.

Controlled Drug Disposal Procedures

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Once all the controlled drugs have been added to the denaturing kit, the following instructions are to be followed:

  • Replace the lid on the controlled drug disposal kit and shake powder around to ensure that the powder has encased the contents.
  • Open container, fill to line with water, replace lid securely and shake vigorously in accordance with the kit manufacturer’s directions.
  • The controlled drug disposal kits are then labeled to show when the kit was used, so that it can be completely disposed of after the denaturing process is complete.
  • The label is to be completed by the Authorized Witness
  • Request that the controlled drug disposal kit is locked away in a controlled drug cabinet / secure medical cupboard for 24 hours to ensure that the full denaturing process occurs.
  • After this the controlled drug disposal kit is then safe to dispose of via a normal pharmaceutical waste bin.

Disposal Regulations

All premises (including GP and Dental practices) must have arrangements in place to dispose of pharmaceutical waste as part of their drug control requirements. The destruction and disposal of controlled drugs is also subject to Waste Management Licensing Regulations, for further information on waste management regulations contact your local environmental officer:



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