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Gents Urinal Sanitizer Services in Yorkshire

gents urinal sanitizer services
Gents Urinal Sanitizer Services

Services in Yorkshire by discrete and friendly washroom service operatives in Leeds, Wakefield, Doncaster, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Halifax, Skipton, Harrogate and York.

Gents urinal sanitizer services by Rentex Hygiene Services Limited, we supply professional and stylish, contemporary urinal sanitizers on a full maintenance, refill and rental service.

We feel that it is important to demonstrate adequate means of washroom hygiene facilities in the commercial workplace. To comply with all legal responsibilities.

Using this system also maintains a positive and professional image for staff, visitors and clients.

At Rentex dual urinal sanitizers & urinal mat services we can help you achieve high washroom hygiene standards with our gents urinal dispensers installed.

This professional washroom sanitizing system is the answer to cleaner facilities whilst also reducing staff involvement with cleaning chemicals.

Gents Urinal Sanitizer Services Commercial Washroom Hygiene

Services in Yorkshire by Rentex Hygiene. Our commercial gents digital urinal sanitizers are manufactured for demanding washrooms, they are lockable and are fixed to walls adjacent to the urinal or cistern.

urinal mats
gents urinal mats

Our friendly operative’s call to Huddersfield, Halifax, Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster, Mansfield, Harrogate and York. On a scheduled washroom service visit in the Yorkshire area to maintain and replenish the automatic sanitizer dispenser with a bio active fragrance solution that kills bacteria and fungi.

These gents urinal sanitiser services are is normally combined with other washroom services such as; feminine hygiene units, air freshener dispensers as well as foam soap dispenser replenishment.

Gents Urinal Mats

Boost your gents urinal system and moreover combine your service by installing our Gents Urinal Mats

Designed to be used in most gents urinals. These provide a solution for debris entering your system whilst also preventing splashing. With different fragrances these will also help eliminate odours from the urinal. 

Hygiene Benefits:

  • 24 hour sanitizing
    gents urinal sanitizer services
    Gents urinal
  • Operates at peak washroom usage times
  • Gents urinal sanitiser services cleans and also prevents scaling
  • Helps to eliminate odours at source

Sanitizer Professional Product Range

Rentex gents urinal sanitizer services provide a selection of gent’s urinal and cistern sanitizer dispensers and professional grade sanitiser refills to compliment most washrooms, our white urinal dispenser range being the most popular as they blend in with most standard bathroom & washroom fittings.

Online Purchase

Rentex Hygiene also understand that some businesses would prefer to purchase the urinal sanitizers and dispensers, at Rentex Hygiene we also have a range of commercial gents washroom dispenser products and bio active Neutrabin products for sale via our online shop.

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