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How To Clean Roller Towels Correctly

How to clean roller towels is a not as straight forward as you may think. The information we have described is only a small part of the process involved.

Firstly, soiled rolls are placed into the machine and passed through a water & chemical solution to remove bacteria and other soiling.  Roller towels are then rinsed and also passed over large steam rollers and dried.

While the above is taking place another roll is sewn to the end of the previous roller towel to facilitate a continuous feed of towel.

Kannegiesser Revolution Roller Towel Machine

The complete roller towel solution for effective roller towel cleaning. High operator output 70 – 90 towels per hour. High quality wash and also finish presentation.

How To Clean Roller Towels

Should I Wash My Own Towel Rolls

Quick answer No. As a washroom service provider, we would also highly recommend having your towels on a service plan. The chore of trying to maintain your towels is time consuming.

Do Towel Rolls Need To Be Tensioned

Yes all roller towels need to be tensioned and tightly wound so they will fit into a cabinet machine.

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How To Clean Roller Towels Before And After

During loading of towels into the machine they are sewn together to facilitate one continuous length. These are then unstitched at the end of the cleaning process.

Rolls are then removed ready for the next part of their processing journey.

Cotton Roller Towel

Storing Clean Rolls

Once the rolls have been processed they are placed onto cages ready for delivery to customers. Rolls can also be bagged in to laundry hampers.

Roller Towel Storage

Towel Rolls Ready For Use

Using a professional washroom services provider your laundered rolls are replenished as part of a service plan.  Fast effective hand drying.

Roller Towels For Washrooms

How To Service Towel Machines

Fast towel exchanges and a discreet washroom service is what we do. Our team change thousands of rolls so blink and weve finnished. 


With upto 200 hand drying servings per roll these are perfect for most facilities.

  • Low cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hygienic
  • Fast efective hand drying
  • 100% cotton 
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