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15w Electric Fly Killer Machine Tubes

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Phillips F15 replacement electric fly killer tubes.

Rentex Hygiene Services Pest Control Grade Replacement Tubes. These top quality electric fly killer machine 15w tubes are used extensively within our contract service to the trade and complies with Code EN 60335-2-59

15w Electric Fly Killer Machine Tubes

These premium grade replacement fly killer UVA lamps are manufactured in Poland by Phillips and should be changed annually for maximum efficiency.Fly Killer Machine

The higher nm rating, the better attraction for flyig insects, these are manufactured in the EU and not cheaper quality Asain imports.     


  • Brand: Sylvania
  • Tube nm rating: 368
  • Tube watt: 15
  • Total tube length: 450mm
  • Tube length without prongs: 435mm
  • Lamp: F15W/T8/BL368

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Weight 10.00 kg
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