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Dishwasher Machine Tablets

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For cabinet type industrial & domestic spray dish washing machines.

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Dishwasher machine tablets are perfect for complete stain removal and have degreasing capabilities included. For use by hand application in cabinet type industrial spray dish washing machines and can also be used in domestic standard dish washing machines.

Dishwasher Machine Tablets
Dishwasher Machine Tablets

Dishwasher Machine Tablets

With its concentrated formula this product takes up less storage space and comes in a protective robust sealable container.

  • 150 shrink individually wrapped tablets
  • Domestic and commercial machines compatible
  • High detergent and chlorine releasing agent
  • Rapid stain removal 150 tablets in robust container  

Dishwasher Tablets Precautions

Note: Rentex will accept no liability for the misuse of this product or any claims arising from improper use of this product, neglect or any loss of profit or other indirect or economic or consequential loss howsoever caused. 

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