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Handyflow Hoses Pack of 3

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Handyflow Hoses Pack of 3 for hyco handyflow vented tap water heaters, these replacement accessories are specifically for Handyflow point of use electric water heaters manufactured by Hyco. Simple identification of a flexible hose for hyco water heaters. handyflow hoses pack of 3

Full Pack Contains the following
  • 1 x Flexible hose for hyco water heaters: Hose (A)
  • Flexible hose for hyco water heaters: Hose (B)
  • 1 x Flexible hose for hyco water heaters: Hose (C)

Handyflow Hoses Pack of 3  

In the event that you should require a replacement flexible hose for your hyco water heater it is important to remember that over tightening them with a spanner on installation can damage the threads and as with all flexible tap hoses of this type, a slight tension is normally sufficient as the rubber seal is generally enough to prevent leaking.

Vented mixer tap installation connecting to a vented mixer tap. Our vented chrome mixer tap also comes complete with the flexible hoses to speed up installation to your water heater.
these hoses are 3/8″BSP suitable for direct connection to our vented undersink Hyco electric water heater units; HF05VC and HF10VC these are compatible for use with the vented mixer tap.
These flexible hoses are specifically designed for installation with our hyco water heaters and are not normally stocked by plumber’s merchants or DIY centres.

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