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Jeyes Urinal Channel Blocks

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Jeyes Urinal Channel Blocks

Jeyes Professional Alpine Fresh Urinal Channel Blocks high impact odour neutralisers are perfect for commercial washrooms that require odour control with a detergent based cleaning formulation that helps to clean as it it fragrances.

Jeyes urinal channel blocks
Jeyes Urinal Channel Blocks

These urinal channel cubes are PDCB Free – contains no Paradichlorobenzene.

Jayes Urinal Channel Blocks Features

  • Lasts up to four weeks
  • Biodegradable
  • Water soluble
  • Helps to prevent limescale
  • Detergent based formula
  • Cleans as it fragrances
  • High perfume
  • Odour neutralisers
  • Average 150 blocks per 3 kg container 

Urinal Channel Blocks Directions For Use

  • To freshen, fragrance and neutralize foul odours in washrooms, place blocks into the urinal / bowl or channels as required.
  • Replace with new channel blocks after 4 weeks or as necessary

Jeyes Channel Blocks Storage

  • Store in a cool dry place 
  • Keep contents in original container
  • Avoid contact with water prior to use


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