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Sanitiser & Soap Dispenser Valve

£7.99 + VAT

Easy to install replacement soap & sanitiser dispenser valves. 


Sanitiser dispenser replacement valve for plastic as well as metal hand sanitiser & soap dispensers.

In the unfortunate event that your dispenser is filled with the wrong product causing your valve to not function correctly. Replacements and spares are available without the need to purchase a complete new unit or reservoir.

Sanitiser Dispenser Replacement Valve
Sanitiser Dispenser Replacement Valve

Sanitiser Dispenser Replacement Valve

Our experience shows that the majority of issues with dispenser malfunctions is caused by incorrect products used. This could be by helpful cleaners and also staff unfamiliar with what type of refills should be used.

Should your reservoir be filled with the wrong product the only option is to empty this out and thoroughly clean out all the incorrect liquid. If the valve is congealed you could also try soaking in warm water to unblock.

How To Change Valves

All our dispensers incorporate an easy to exchange valve release system with interchangeable valves.

Metal Dispenser Valve Removal

  • Simply remove your reservoir with the valve attached and twist the valve slightly to remove from the refill reservoir.  Reverse technique to also install new valve on the empty reservoir.

Plastic Dispenser Valve Removal

  • Remove reservoir and as well as the valve by depressing the top right tab withing the unit to facilitate removal of valve
sanitiser dispenser valve instructions
Sanitiser Dispenser Replacement Valve


Note: For ease the images above show the valve with the reservoir already removed. Removal of the internal components is the same with the reservoir attached to the valve.

Installation Areas To Avoid

Placement of your sanitiser dispensers can also seriously impact on the contents of your dispensers. Placing above radiators or other heat sources should be avoided.

This warm rising air will quickly and also dry out the liquid gel within the valve and cause it to congeal resulting in a blockage of the valve. 

Additional information

Weight 1.50 kg

Rentex Hygiene

Pump Type

Liquid Sanitiser & Liquid Soap

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Mainland UK Only

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