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Savona Foam Soap Dispenser 800ml Direct Refill

£6.99 + VAT

For Savona Dispensers Only. Pumps / Valves Sold Separately


Savona foam soap dispenser 800ml direct refill, convert your systrem to bulk fill and avoid expensive refills for commercial dispensers. These high quality foam soap dispenser containers are suitable for savona soap dispensers.

Savona foam soap dispenser 800ml direct refill
Savona Foam Soap Dispenser 800ml Direct Refill

Savona foam soap dispenser 800ml direct refill

High foaming soaps reduce usage and offers approximately 1400 shots per 800ml container refill.

Why Use A Reusable Direct Fill Container

Reduce waste and also your costs by converting your dispenser with our special 800ml container that incorporates a secure removable cap. This not only helps the environment but also your opperational costs.

Which Foam Soap Should You Use

Our unperfumed hi-foam soap with its balanced skin friendly pH value is especially perfect for foaming soap dispensers. Contains lactic acid with antibacterial properties. Contains mild cleansing agents and moisturisers that will not irritate the skin even with frequent hand washing. 

Simply pour our Foaming Hand Soap into your into your cartridge.  

With its easy fast fit top cover that facilitates a fast refill, it makes this savona foam soap dispenser 800ml refill system perfect for locations such as: offices, schools as well as hotels, guest houses, sports centres and most commercial washrooms.

kennedy savona foam soap dispenser refill
savona foam soap dispenser direct fill system

The Savona soap dispenser (Sold separately) is a perfect choice for most business locations. Our Rentex Dispenser Range is also a perfect choice for a co-ordinated washroom look.  

Container Features 
  • Secure as well as removable top cap to facilitate refill pouring
  • Designed for savona dispensers
  • Holds 800ml of liquid foam soap
  • Simple screw on Dispenser Pumps
Looking After Your Reusable bottles and nozzles

As opposed to a cartridge solution where the bottle and the nozzle is disposed when a new refill is loaded, 800ml direct refill botlles are re-usable.

Replacement Soap Dispenser Pumps & Nozzles

With use, the pumps (sold Separately) will naturally wear out and will also need to be replaced. The life span of a Savona Pump will depend on the soap used and the intensity of use, but a yearly replacement at least is recommended by us for the normal dose liquid pump and after 18 months for the high dose foam pumps.

Savona Soap Dispenser Spare Parts

Replacement nozzles, keys and direct bulk fill containers can be purchased from Rentex.

Commercial washroom sanitary bin services provider in Yorkshire.


Additional information

Weight 1.50 kg

Rentex Hygiene



Pump / Valve

Pumps Sold Separately


Mainland UK Only


Converts your dispenser to a bulk fill foam soap unit. No cartridges required.

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