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Urinal Water Saver Automatic

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Commercial WRAS approved automatic urinal water saver

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Urinal Water Saver Automatic. Commercial WRAS approved remote automatic urinal water savers are battery power operated for hassle free long life and also reliability with quality.  ASCO solenoid valves as well as easy service installation. These professional flush control systems are also fitted with a remote PIR sensor for valves situated above cisterns this water management saver system is a easy to install product within most washroom applications.

Urinal Water Saver

The autosave flush control drastically reduces your water consumption when installed.

The built in infrared PIR sensor also detects movement within the washroom area and initiates a cistern flush and fill cycle at a pre set time. This is done at the installation stage by a simple push button set up procedure by the installer to programme frequancy of flush intervals.

Service Extendable Wand

water saver

These commercial water savers are supplied with an invaluble telescopic test wand that enables the site manager as well as service technicians to iniate a full water saver system test by simply touching the unit in the sensative area on the front cover of the water saver.

Using this extending wand also acts as a safety product which solves the problem of staff using steps in washrooms.

Urinal Water Saver Features:

  • 6 – 12 months typical payback period
  • Saves up to 80 on metered water bills
  • ECA listed and WRAS approved
  • Simple push button setup procedure
  • Extendable service wand
  • 12 or 24 hour hygiene maintenance flush setting
  • Fail safe valve (normally closed)
  • Includes isolating valve
  • Battery operated
  • Remote ASCO solenoid valve
  • 3 year guarantee     



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