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Cabinet Roller Towel Machine (New)

£199.99 + VAT

Includes 1 x 100% white cotton cabinet towel roll for machines.

cotton white roller towel


Cabinet roller towel machine for commercial facilities. Our brand new cabinet roller towel machine units are made for busy and demanding washroom environments. Machines are also key lockable and require little maintenance.

cabinet roller towel machine
Cabinet towel machine

These high quality brand new cabinet roller towel machine dispensers are manufactured from robust ABS plastic and steel construction. The 100% white cotton rolls also sold Separately will furthermore compliment most commercial washroom hand drying requirements. 

Our white cabinet towel machine range being the most popular as they blend in with most bathroom as well as washroom fittings.

The CABMIR cabinet roller towel machine is also one of the best selling cotton roller towel cabinets available. They are ideal for even the busiest washroom it is a highly robust and reliable hand drying system.

Cabinet Roller Towel Machine

The CABMIR cabinet towel machine provides hygiene, service and environmental benefits while delivering a ‘comfort like home’ hand drying experience for the end user.

The consumable used within the towel machine; the cotton towel, is a natural biodegradable product making this system a positive choice for the environment.

This cabinet machine delivers approximately 200 portions of clean hand towel from a standard white or blue Roller Towel, It is available in range of finishes and can also be produced with a vandal proof stainless steel cover.

Environmentally Friendly
cotton white roller towel
Cabinet towel roll white

The towel machine as well as rolls are an enviro friendly option.

  • Mechanical operation – furthermore no external power source is required
  • Cotton roller towels are one and a half times less harmful to the environment than paper equivalents
  • 100 recyclable components

Cotton roller towel dispensers towel usage/service frequency medium to low washroom traffic

  • 2-3 users per cabinet = monthly towel change CRT 12

Cabinet Roller Towel Machine Rolls – After Care

Looking after your cabinet roller towels is very easy, we provide a service to maintain your cabinet roller towels. This requires the purchase of one of our towel exchange packages.  

Our cabinet roller towel POST BACK service is ideal for sites that require an easy to operate hand drying facilities without the need for contract washroom service operatives on site. Using a system like this also enables the user to fully budget their hand drying facilities.

How To Change your towel machine

Changing your cabinet rolls within the machine is also very easy. Our loading video shows a simple way of quickly loading your towel rolls ready for use. 

How This Towel Machine System Works

The cabinet is separated into two chambers – the clean towel chamber and the soiled chamber. In the plastic bin, located at the bottom of the cabinet, a clean rolled towel is fed upward by looping around the bottom and up through the back of the cabinet.

The soiled cotton roller towel is also rolled in the upper chamber of the cabinet completely separated from the clean roll by the dust plate. This allows our cabinet to always offer a clean, unused piece of toweling for hand drying.


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Additional information

Weight 8.00 kg

W 410mm H 475 mm D250mm

Additional Items included

1 x key 1 x roller towel


Mainland UK Only

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