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Antibacterial Hand Soap 5 Litre

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Antibacterial Hand Soap Dispenser Refill 5 Litre

Soap dispenser refill UK  

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Antibacterial Hand Soap 5 Litre

Our quality non perfumed antibacterial liquid hand soap to be used for day to day hand washing where the requirement for higher hand hygiene is demanded, with its mild formula that means it will safely clean your hands but not damage the skin.

Antibacterial Hand Soap 5 Litre
Antibacterial hand soap

Antibacterial Hand Soap 5 Litre

These bulk fill containers are prefect for easy storage. It is important to provide adequate hand washing to achieve high hygiene standards which will help reduce illness for staff and customers.

  • Bactericidal properties
  • Capacity 5 litre
  • Mild formula
  • UK manufactured 🇬🇧

Reduce the spread of germs and viruses by adequately washing your hands and keeping high hygiene standards.

Perfect for use through liquid hand soap dispensers and 5 litre pumps sold separately.  The pump easily attaches to our five litre bottles, offering quick and easy dosing of hand hygiene products.

Thanks to the pumps design, wastage is reduced and time is saved as you don’t need to measure out specific amounts of liquids.

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