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BioZone AC20 UV Replacement Lamps

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100% Authentic BioZone Compatible AC-20 Replacement 10-08050 UV Lamps. 

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Biozone AC20 UV replacement lamps 10-08050 to fit AC20 units

At Rentex we sell only the authentic, original Biozone components. The washroom UV lamps are specifically designed and also patented by Biozone. Using original lamps is also critical to perfect proprietary operation of the Biozone air purifiers.

These lamps are available on other sites that look the same and fit the Biozone air purifiers but will not perform with the intended results of the Biozone authentic lamps.

Biozone AC20 UV replacement lamps
Biozone AC 20 UV replacement lamps

Biozone AC20 UV replacement lamps Lifespan

Please note: In order for the Biozone air purifier to operate 100% efficiently the lamps must also be exchanged every 12 months.

BioZone AC20 UV Replacement Lamps
BioZone AC20 UV Replacement Lamps

How Bio Zone 10-08050 UV Lamps Work

When UV-C light reacts with air, PhotoPlasma is created. Photoplasma destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould by covering surfaces and entering the air. Pollutants are broken down by the PhotoPlasma attaching to chemical and organic contaminants and destroying the cell membrane and DNA of microorganisms.

The BioZone UV air purifier also creates ozone due to a reaction with oxygen and UV light wavelengths. Compounds are broken down to destroy germs, viruses and bacteria by ozone created. However, as ozone causes irritation in high concentrations. Spending long periods of time in the vicinity of a BioZone is also not recommended.

How to Replace your UV Lamp

Turn off the Air Purifier and unplug the unit from the electrical outlet.

  • On the back of the air purifier, push down on the two small latches at the top of the back panel. The panel will open downwards. The UV Lamp is mounted on this panel. (Older units do not have latches, you must unscrew all the screws on the back of the panel to access the lamp).
  • Gently lift the old lamp out of the lamp clamps that hold the lamp in place.
  • Locate the white lamp socket and pull the lamp socket off of the end of the UV Lamp.
    biozone UV air steriliser
    biozone air care unit
  • Be careful not to touch the glass of the new UV Lamp and replace the new lamp in the reverse fashion that you removed the old one.
  • Close the back panel, plug the air purifier back into an electrical outlet and turn on the unit.

Check for a blue glow from the UV lamp viewing from the front of the air purifier. If there is no glow, then you probably need to replace the adaptor/power cord.

Finale Note: Biozone Replacement Parts are available in a variety of different sizes depending on the model you have. Biozone units also require that the UV germicidal lamp in their units be replaced every year to ensure maximum performance.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg


Replacement Part

100% Authentic BioZone AC-20 UV Lamps – 10-08050

Lamp Size

H 24mm x W 24mm x L 235mm


Compatible with unit PR – UV Air Purifier AC-20

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