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Pro Biozone Air Purifier Sanitiser

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Particularly effective against the obnoxious odour created by uric acid build up making this fixed unit ideal for use in schools, hospitals & care homes

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Pro biozone air purifier sanitiser is usually used for the air purification in commercial washroom areas. It can improve air quality significantly in washrooms, effectively removing unpleasant odours. including ammonia gas and odour produced by bacteria growth and killing microorganisms.

Pro Biozone Air Purifier Sanitiser
Pro Biozone Air Purifier Sanitiser

For those washrooms using air fresheners, Prozone can also be added and used in conjunction with automatic air freshener services to leave only the pleasant fragrance behind. Other areas with odour problems can also be solved by air freshener services.

Automatic commercial ozone generator has been approved by TÜV SÜD to the standard BS / EN60335 parts 1 and 2. This model is the first ever ozone generator to achieve this standard.

Pro Biozone Air Purifier Sanitiser

To truly improve your indoor air quality and reduce indoor air pollution. This technology works as an overall process that can eliminate notable air contaminants that affect your indoor air quality. 

Air Purifier Technology Includes

  1. Ozone Technology: Helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould, and micro-organisms in the air the moment you turn on your air purifier.
  2. Negative Ions Technology: Can remove airborne impurities and dust while it helps increase the overall process efficiency.
  3. Photo-catalytic Oxidation: Photo-catalytic Oxidation technology can break down volatile organic compounds in the air such as methane and other dangerous chemical contaminants.
  4. Active plate: Feature gives another layer of bacteria, viruses, moulds, and micro-organisms elimination for thorough protection

How Does Pro Biozone Solve Indoor Air Pollution ?

Effectively Kills Over 99% Of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi And Other Microorganisms In The Air And Also On The Surface Of Objects.

Product Specification​

  • Product name: Pro biozone air purifier sanitiser (AC-Series)​ 
  • Application area: 1000ft² & 3000ft²
  • Power Consumption: < 6W​
  • Product weight about: 1.6 kg
  • Exterior material: ABS plastic flame-retardant
  • Supply and use power: 220VAC / 12VDC 2A dedicated adapter

Air purifier plate sanitiser mix of technologies provide the most effective way to disinfect the air and surfaces in your washrooms. Scalable to installations of any size​ it also disinfects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week a natural solution to infectious diseases​.

Air Purification System

This commercial ozone generator is manufactured using the BioMaster silver additive. This makes the surface of the commercial ozone generator safe to touch, particularly useful for washroom service operatives. 

Our commercial ozone generator destroys harmful micro-organisms and breaks down odour causing compounds – therefore destroying the unpleasant smells they produce. Ozone production is limited to a certain voltage, to ensure that we humans aren’t affected by harmful substances.

Protect Your Colleagues And Customers

Eliminates both airborne and surface microorganisms (e.g. H5N1 Viruses) at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Biozone Air Care 

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Weight 3.00 kg

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