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Cabinet Towel Machine Rolls White

£39.99 + VAT

Cabinet roller towels are 100% Cotton. Approximately 40m long and 27 cm wide these hand towel rolls are designed for fast efficient hand drying.


Cabinet towel machine rolls white for sale. Our quality 100% cotton white rolls are intended for use within roller towel machines. But can also be used as cleaning rags. 

Cabinet Towel Rolls For Sale 

If you decide to purchase cotton roller towels for a machine. It is highly recommended that you purchase a set of three rolls to facilitate a hygienic exchange system. If possible we also recommend having your rolls professionally laundered.

Cabinet towel machine rolls white
cabinet towel machine rolls white
  • Cabinet roller towel in the machine x 1
  • 1 x cabinet roller towel spare
  • 1 x cabinet roller towel in for service

Manufactured from 100% these cotton cabinet roller towels are perfect for cleaning wipes & rags and are also environmentally friendly.

At approximately 40m long and 27 cm wide these hand towels are also designed for fast efficient hand drying.

All our cabinet cotton rolls are designed to be used within all cabinet towel machines taking the 27 cm wide rolls.

Perfect For Cleaning Wipes & Rags

Cotton rolls are also great as surface cleaning wipes within most industries. They are very absorbant, cut to any length and can also be washed and reused.  

All our blue cabinet roller towel services rolls are solution dyed as well as pre washed for lint free use.  

How To Load A Towel Machine

Changing your cotton rolls in a cabinet towel machine information.

How A Cabinet Towel Dispenser Machine Works

The roller towel dispenser achieves hygiene through its design. The cabinet is separated into two chambers – the clean chamber and also the soiled chamber. In the plastic bin, located at the bottom of the cabinet, a clean 40 yard rolled towel is fed upward by looping around the bottom and up through the back of the cabinet.

The soiled cotton roller towel is rolled in the upper chamber of the cabinet completely separated from the clean roll by the dust plate. This allows our cabinet to always offer a clean as well as unused piece of toweling for hand drying.

Additional information

Weight 2.00 kg



100% cotton


W 27cm x L 40 mtr

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