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Cabinet Machine Roller Towel Blue

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Cabinet Roller Towels 100% Cotton

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Cabinet machine roller towels are intended for use within a roller towel machine, these towels are also known as CRT and auto rolls.

Cabinet Machine Roller Towels

When you purchase cotton roller towels for your machine. It is highly recommended that you purchase a set of three rolls to facilitate a hygienic hand hygiene exchange system. We also recommend having your rolls professionally cleaned & laundered.

Cabinet Machine Roller Towels
cabinet towel machine rolls
  • Cabinet roller towel in the machine x 1
  • 1 x cabinet roller towel spare
  • 1 x cabinet roller towel in for service

Manufactured from 100% cotton these cabinet roller towels are perfect for hand drying and are also environmentally friendly.  At approximately 27 cm wide these hand towels are designed for fast efficient hand drying.

All our cabinet cotton rolls are designed to be used within all cabinet towel machines taking the 27 cm wide rolls.

All our rolls are solution dyed as well as pre washed for lint free use.

Towel Absorbency

Cotton towels are more absorbent, so they’ll dry hands quicker and more comfortably. This is good for the customers, but it’s also good for your washroom hygiene as it’ll reduce drips.

How To Change Towel Machine Rolls

Changing your rolls in a cabinet towel machine information.

How The Towel Machine System Works

The machine is separated into two chambers – the clean towel chamber and also the soiled chamber. In the plastic container, located at the bottom of the cabinet a clean rolled towel is fed upward by looping around the bottom and up through the back of the cabinet.

The soiled cotton roller towel is also rolled in the upper chamber of the cabinet completely separated from the clean roll by the dust plate. This allows our cabinet to always offer a clean as well as an unused piece of toweling for the next user.

Roller towels. 


Additional information

Weight 2.70 kg



100% cotton


Length 38 mtr


Mainland UK only

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