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Anti fatigue mat

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Heavy Duty Rubber Mats For External or Internal Areas

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Anti fatigue mat heavy duty commercial matting and catering mats provide a safer working environment for employees, standing on hard concrete floors is one of the most common causes of physical fatigue.

Anti fatigue mat
Anti fatigue mat

Prolonged standing puts pressure on feet, leg muscles, spine, neck and shoulders which can lead to chronic pain, injury and muscular disorders. Back pain is a huge concern for employers and extremely distressing for suffers. 

Anti fatigue matting encourages frequent foot movement as users move their feet more regularly to adapt to the underfoot cushioning, this assists healthy blood circulation.

Matting insulates the feet protecting them against cold, concrete floors and is especially useful in locations such as:  Kitchens, bars, work stations, garages, workshops, shop counters and production facilities.

Anti Fatigue Mat

Independent test resulted in operators experiencing 50 more discomfort when standing on hard floors without anti fatigue mats.

Matting is a simple, cost effective solution to reducing the risks associated with regular prolonged standing.

Product features:

  • Conforms to slip resistant tests
  • Anti fatigue properties
  • Excellent drainage properties
  • Will not deteriorate from effects of fats
  • Moulded bevelled edge
  • Manufactured from heavy duty rubber
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Dimensions (mm) W914 x L1525 x D12

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