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Mat Gripper Tape

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Double sided anchor tape holds mats in place and helps reduce mat movement

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Mat Gripper Tape

mat gripper tape
Commercial Mat Tape

Secure your mats with mat gripper tape. Mats are a great way to create  on a cold floors. But they should be secured for safety. Our double sided tape does this perfectly and can be applied to rugs, mats and runners to prevent them from curling or moving around.

A mat slipping out from under you could cause a very nasty back injury. This movement could be easily prevented with this versatile mat gripper tape. Simply cut to size and apply to the underside of your rug or mat. It also makes hoovering easier.

Mat Gripper Tape Ease Of Use

Double sided mat gripper tape holds floor mats and rugs in place on any surface so they don’t slip and slide around the floor.

Simply cut off the desired length of double sided tape, peel off the top layer and adhere the tap to the edges of your floor mat. Next remove the protective backing and press to the exposed side of this carpet tape to floor.

Ensure surfaces are thoroughly clean and dry. Firmly press strips to the floor or underside of the mats, liner side up in the direction most traveled.

This double sided tape helps hold mats, especially non-gripper mats, on carpeted and hard floor surfaces.

Should the tape be removed, no residue will remain on either the mats or rugs above nor the flooring below.

  • Roll Size: 101.6 mm x 7.625 m (4in x 25ft)

For Offices & Commercial Areas

When choosing an entrance mat such as Logo Mats or standard mats its important to use the correct amount of tape. Door mats

We recommend running three strips of gripper tape along the full length on the back of the mat. Once a mat is subject to even the lightest of foot traffic it will start to move in the direction of the pile beneath.

Once you release the weight off the mat it will return to its original shape. But because the mat is not fixed it will re-position it’s self following the natural flow on the carpet beneath.

Mat Washing

It is also vitally important to remove the backing gripper tape when laundering mats. If tape is not removed it will congeal and stick to the pile of the mat.




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101.6 mm x 7.625 m




For indoor use only

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