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Wras Approved Water Solenoid Valves

Wras approved water savers and water saving devices by Rentex Hygiene Services. Our commercial water savers and flush control system reduces business water consumption through un-checked cisterns by up to 80 dependent on existing flush cycles within the washroom.  Our water savers can help you achieve savings and with quality PIR water savers installed.

Water Saving Devices

wras approved water solenoid valves

Services in Yorkshire by Rentex Hygiene Services. Our commercial urinal water saving devices are manufactured for demanding commercial washrooms. Our friendly uniformed service operative’s call to install your wras approved water solenoid valves.

Water management systems and urinal water saving devices subject to a site survey visit in the Yorkshire area, this service is normally combined with other Rentex business support services and washroom products.

Wras approved water solenoid valves and example of uncontrolled system:

Not using wras approved water solenoid valves = 1 x 9 litre cistern flushing every 10 minutes = 1,296 litres per day = 473 cubic meters per annum, equating to £804 per annum @ £1.70 per cubic meter water and sewage.

Urinal water saving devices and a controlled water savers system:

Using wras approved water solenoid valves = 1 x 9 litre cistern flushing every 30 minutes x 8 hours = 162 litres per day = 59 cubic meters per annum, equating to £103 per annum @ £1.70 per cubic meter for water and sewage. Saving of £701 per annum.

Water Management System Product Range

At Rentex Hygiene Services we supply a selection of quality urinal Water Flow Savers and wras approved water solenoid valves. And commercial washroom water management systems and solutions which are battery or mains power operated incorporating PIR motion detectors and service check valves.

Gents urinal water saver flush control
Sensa flush water flow saver

Wras Approved Water Solenoid Valves Water Saving Tips

Every business uses water and it is crucial to ensure that it’s not being wasted. Water used by commercial premises is metered. This means that wasted water is expensive and comes straight off the bottom line! if you don’t install a Sensa Flow Saver you could take the following actions

  • Check your meter – make sure the serial number corresponds to the one on your bill – you may be paying for water that you are not using!
  • Compare your water bills over a significant period of time – preferably a few years – this will enable you to see changing trends and detect any abnormalities which might require further investigation.
  • Engage management and staff at all levels so that everyone is aware of the environmental and financial importance of saving water.
  • Appoint a staff member to be responsible for monitoring water usage around the business and identifying areas requiring action. This should involve regular monitoring and the same person should act as a contact to enable staff to report water leaks or any related issues and ideas.

Water Saving Products

  • Water Meters can be fitted internally as a convenient addition to those mounted underground. These will enable readings to be easily taken on a regular basis without resorting to ‘pot-holing. 
  • Sub metering consider installing additional water meters at large sites. 
  • Faulty leaking taps can be responsible for significant water loss
    with dripping taps, a new washer costs less than 50p and starts to pay for itself immediately. A 5mm drip from a single tap can cost as much as £900 per year!
  • Signs such as taps left running you should display warning posters. Fit automatic/push taps or alternatively install a shut off valve system. 
  • Consider fitting spray taps or flow restrictions to reduce the actual flow from the taps
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