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Modular Soap Dispensers

Modular Soap Dispensers

Modular soap dispensers are our best selling as well as contract service hand soap dispensers.  This commercial wall mounted hand soap dispenser unit, incorporates a hand push operation with a refillable liquid foam soap reservoir.

modualr soap dispensers
modular washroom dispensers

These Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser units are ideal for commercial, institutional and also light industrial situations. It features top quality ABS molded parts with a automatically locking cover which also facilitates easy servicing.

Modular Soap Dispenser Features:

  • Dispenser cover: Artic white
    modular soap dispensers
    modular soap dispensers
  • Key lockable to deter pilferage
  • Smooth easy clean surface
  • Modern coordinated design
  • Dimensions (mm) H250 x W115 x D115
  • Reservoir capacity: 900ml

Modular Dispenser Servicing

This soap dispenser also uses interchangeable pumps to allow perfect dispensing of a variety of products. Combining reliability and easy service features our manual dispensers operate best when used with a quality liquid refill such as our own brand Foaming Hand Soap

Modular Foaming Hand Soap 5 Litre

This unperfumed Foaming Hand Soap with its balanced skin friendly pH value is especially perfect for commercial washroom facilities. With surprisingly only a small amount required to provide effective skin cleansing.  Designed for use within modular soap dispensers as a result this will also save time and money on refills.

Provides excellent skin care as well as rapidly cleaning your hands.  Simply pour our liquid hand soap into your foam soap dispensers or refill cartridges. Contains mild cleansing agents and moisturisers that will not irritate the skin even with frequent hand washing.

Taking Care Of Facilities

If you are a facilities manager you may wish to have your products on full contract maintenance package, at Rentex hygiene services we operate a full washroom hygiene service such as; feminine Sanitary Bin Services, air care services, hand drying products and paper consumables.

Our liquid hand Soap Dispenser Rental Service is for business users only and is subject contract.

Soap dispenser contract refill services

Rentex hygiene services call to your business premises on a scheduled visit, whilst on site our operatives replenish your dispensers saving your staff time and making sure your hand wash facilities are in working order.

If you are thinking of a maintenance service for your washroom hygiene services please use our online Quote link.

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