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Chrome air freshener dispenser

Chrome Air Freshener Dispenser Washroom Range

chrome air freshener dispenser
Air freshener dispenser

Allowing flexible fragrancing the new chrome air freshener dispenser range gives complete control using LCD information and delivering a customised solution for all applications in locations such as washrooms, office receptions, sports facilities, hotels, care homes and retail. 

Easy to programme, the chrome air freshener dispenser LCD range allows fragrances to be dispensed on selected days of the week at prescribed intervals. Matching your needs exactly and maximising the life of the Air Freshener Dispenser Refills and also batteries.

Contemporary Chrome Air Freshener Dispenser Benefits

Research as shown that providing a pleasant aroma in washrooms and workplace areas as a positive effect on staff, visitors and clients. Installing air care dispensers or standard white air freshener dispensers you are enhancing the atmosphere within your premises.

Contract Services

Why air freshener services ? research as shown that foul smells within the work place can have a negative effect on staff and visitors who use your facilities. By enhancing the atmosphere within your premises with our air freshener services you will promote a proactive and positive attitude.

Rentex Hygiene Services based in Wakefield near Leeds provide high quality LCD automatic battery operated aerosol air freshening units that dispenses a long lasting fragrance within any workplace environment.

Mainly washrooms but can also provide odour neutralizing in sports gyms & changing facilities, receptions, nurseries and offices keeping your business smelling fresh and clean.

Our professional air care product range is suitable for all locations and is part of a co-ordinated washroom product range of hygiene systems, all serviced on a regular basis in Yorkshire by our friendly uniformed washroom service operatives.

Aerosol Refills For Sale

With a comprehensive range of chrome air freshener dispenser refills available, offering evocative fragrances for most applications. From fruity scents to light floral aromas our classic range as something for everyone.

Lemon sherbert air freshener refill Premiaire
Lemon Sherbert Air Fresh Refills

With our washday fresh, Sherbert Lemin, forest pine and wild lily proving popular and with housekeepers the fresh linen is a favorite.

Our range of refills are highly concentrated in pressurised 270 ml canisters and each refill lasts up to 30 days depending on the dispenser settings.

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