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Washroom Door Handle Hygiene

Washroom Door Handle Hygiene Systems

Washroom door handle hygiene cross contamination, a trip to public washroom facilities finds visitors provided with motion flushing systems, hands free paper towel dispensers, hands free automatic hand dryers, touch less automatic taps and automated soap dispensers.

Using this system a visitor can walk away clean, without coming into contact or grabbing a single germ contaminated surface until they get to the exit door

Washroom door handle hygiene Facts:

  • Up to 30 of people don’t wash their hands after using the toilet
  • Up to 66 of people don’t use soap provided
  • Up to 100 of people will use the door handle to exit the washroom

Washroom door handle hygiene Result:

With all the effort put into offering visitors a complete hygiene service within the public washroom area, it’s the door handle that has been so ignored.

With a reported 30 of washroom visitors not washing their hands after using the toilet facilities, the expense and advantage of all the touch free solutions goes right down the drain as one reaches for the handle that provides the only exit from the washroom.

Washroom Door Handle Hygiene Sanitiser Dispensers

washroom door handle hygiene

Hand sanitisers installed near the door, using washroom door handle hygiene antibacterial hand and surface sanitisers can help eliminate bacteria and the cross infection of germs within the washroom environment.

Using a washroom door handle hygiene surface sanitiser the visitor can simply spray the antibacterial fluid on to a piece of tissue and wipe the required surface clean, alternatively using a small portable liquid alcohol based hand sanitiser would provide a hygienic hand cleaning solution.

Washroom Door Handle Hygiene Hand Sanitisers Buy Online

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Installing alcohol based instant washroom door handle hygiene hand sanitiser dispensers close to the exit area is a perfect way of showing clients and visitors that your washroom door handle hygiene standards are important.

Rentex washroom door handle hygiene contract maintenance services, providing these Washroom Door Handle Hygiene systems also demonstrates your commitment to providing staff with a hygienic working environment reducing germ related cross contaminated illnesses.

Washroom Door Handle Hygiene Systems By Rentex

Rentex Hygiene Services can help you achieve high hygiene standards with our hand sanitizer dispensers installed at your business location.

Each visitor or member of staff as the option to simply spray the fast drying alcohol based washroom door handle hygiene sanitizer on to their hands rub together and let them dry for instant personal washroom door handle hygiene whilst exiting the washroom.

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