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Gladiator Electric Hand Dryer

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Gladiator Electric Hand Dryer by Rentex these are unique and different to all conventional hand dryers in the market place. The Gladiator Hand Dryer has a BLADE of air instead of a tube of air, this provides a unique soft but fast and efficient drying process.

Made from top grade Stainless Steel, this Hand Dryer is suitable for any environment, especially Schools and Restaurants.

Gladiator Electric Hand Dryer

The Gladiator Hand Dryer comes with a dedicated heating switch, so you can chose between Hot Flow (1250kW) and Cool Flow (650kW) giving better energy efficiency and savings.

With a dedicated noise reduction switch as a result the Gladiator Hand Dryer is unique in being the quietest Hand Dryer in the market.

With a drying time of less than 10 seconds this hand dryer on average will cost less than £7 per year to run (see the cost chart above) meaning savings in running costs, allowing this unit to effectively pay for itself in under 1 year. 

Gladiator Electric Hand Dryer Key Features

  • Noise Output: 70dB to 58dB* (Via dedicated switch).
  • Operating Voltage & Power: 220-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1.250KW.
  • Warm Air Speed Output: 90 m/s.
  • Motor Speed: 24000 rpm.
  • Heater Element: Selectable 650W heating element (1250W) by hot/cool option.
  • Drying Time: 10 seconds.
  • Circuit Operation: Infrared Automatic.
  • Timing Protection: 60 seconds auto shut off.
  • Drip proof: IPX1.
  • Isolation: CLASS 1.
  • HEPA system significantly prevents bacteria.
  • Dimensions: Height: 282mm Width: 240mm Depth: 174mm

Washroom Hand Dryer Rental

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