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Automatic Chrome Hand Dryer Kangarillo

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Automatic Chrome Hand Dryer Kangarillo

Chrome Automatic Electric Hand Dryer the Kangarillo is a pioneering eco hand dryer that dynamically uses a tornado of fast flowing air to blast wet hands dry in only 10 -15 seconds and due to advanced air flow technology, is one of the quietest in its class only producing 75 dB of noise. The Kangarillo hand dryer is made from top grade Stainless Steel and is the ultimate ultra-fast wall hand drying unit on the market today.

The Kangarillo uses quality components for effortless use and reliability and is not to be confused with cheaper ‘polished chrome’ copies on sale elsewhere. The Kangarillo uses top grade Stainless Steel, is quieter and more economic to run. Recent major advances in hand dryer technology have given much more emphasis on high velocity air flow, minimising hand drying times and massively lowering energy consumption.

This combination of benefits reduces the running costs by so much that in most normal circumstances the units will pay for themselves in under 1 year – now that’s incredible!

The Kangarillo hand dryer is an ultra fast hand dryer featuring a small wall ‘footprint’, contemporary design and offering exceptional  hand drying performances whilst saving energy.


  • Ultra fast hand drying – about 10 seconds
  • powerful airflow – 100metres/second (225 miles per hour)
  • Low energy use
  • Automatic operation
  • Polished stainless steel quality finish
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