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Nassau Sanitary Hygiene Supplies

Nassau sanitary hygiene supplies for commercial use in hotels, business facilities as well as cruise liners. Uk based Rentex now ship commercial grade hygiene products by airfrieght.

Housekeeping and maid service products especially designed for restroom hygiene services. Our nassau sanitary hygiene supplies sanitary bin liners and bio active germ control products provide an hygienic as well as cost effective solution to waste disposal. 

Nassau Sanitary Hygiene Supplies

We work with you to provide a healthier and more hygienic workspace for your staff and visitors. We can enhance the overall restroom experience through the use of innovative solutions, environmentally friendly products to suit your needs. Whatever business your in, it’s especially important that you follow hygiene procedures and dispose of waste correctly.

nassau sanitary hygiene supplies
Nassau sanitary hygiene supplies

Why Use Sanitary Bin Liners

Our new Sanicare liners bring a fresh approach to hygiene servicing with more emphasis on reducing waste and improving efficiencies to protect the environment.

By providing a liner service, this allows you to reduce water usage and energy consumption. 

Previously with a full unit replacement service large volumes of water, followed by energy to heat the water and chemicals to clean the unit all of which was then discharged into the wastewater system.

Whereas with a liner service, you have removed all washing facilities and reduced water usage significantly. Therefore reducing an impact on the environment.

While full unit replacement services may be recognised to some as the most hygienic approach to disposing of sanitary waste; this may not actually be the case.

This type of waste disposal service may not be as discreet as a simple liner exchange. When the bins are removed from the premises, they may need to be carried throughout the premises.

This may not be very discreet and can also impose a higher risk of cross infection due to the used bins being in the same vehicle as the clean bins.

Maximum Sanitary Waste Disposal Protection

For problamatic restroom locations and used in conjunction with our disposal unit liners a dose of Sanitary Bin Sanitiser can be applied. Neutrabin ensures that offensive odours are destroyed but also that the bacteria is controlled and destroyed at the same time. 

Controlling waste within restroom facilities should be carried out as part of a scheduled washroom cleaning program. As a result using the appropriate bio active treatment products within the waste disposal units is essential.



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