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PlusZap 30w Electric Fly Killer

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Electric fly killer, as part of the insect-O-cutor brand of flying insect control products these electric fly zappers from Rentex Hygiene are an effective domestic / light commercial fly killer.

They use highly effective UVA lamps and an efficient killing grid lay out. The units can be wall or ceiling mounted via pop up side mounting plates.

Unlike the magority of electic fly zappers available these units have side vents to attract more insects and an internal triangular killing grid to increase the catchment of flies.

PlusZap 30w Electric Fly Killer Machine

The service of these PlusZap fly killer machines is extreamly fast (see our Download Links) with a removable catchment tray which disconects power via a micro switch when removed. pluszap 30w electric fly killer machine

Constructed from brushed aluminium which promotes a contemporary look to compliment most environments.

Product details:  

  • 1 x Mains cable
  • 1 x Suspension chain
  • 2 x Fixing screws
  • 2 x UVA tubes
  • Dimensions (mm): L514 x H262 x D130
  • Coverage: 80 square meters
  • Voltage: 230v – 50Hz



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