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How To Change Roller Towel Machines

Servicing A Cabinet Towel Machine

How to change roller towel machines. At Rentex all our washroom cabinet towel machines are manufactured for busy and demanding washroom environments, they are key lockable and require little maintenance.

Our friendly professional uniformed roller towel services operatives call on a scheduled service visit in the Yorkshire area. We maintain and replenish your roller towel cabinets with strong and absorbent clean cotton roller towels direct to your sites washrooms.

How to change roller towel machines is easy and should your cabinet rolls run out and require replacement prior to our service visit we can arrange for additional roller towels leaving on site at a discounted rate, we will  train a member of your team to exchange the cabinet rolls ready for collection by your Rentex hygiene washroom service representative.

How To Change Roller Towel Machines Information

We have provided this how to change roller towel machines information for customers who have spare rolls on site.  And for service customers that require a simple demonstration online how to insert cotton roller towels.

How To Change Roller Towel Machines & Services

Washroom hand drying options are a necessity for all businesses. Rentex cabinet roller towel services are based in Wakefield near Leeds. We provide stylish roller towel hand drying machines on a full maintenance rental service in Yorkshire or as a purchase option.

It is essential to provide adequate means of hand drying facilities within washroom. This also maintains a positive image for staff, visitors and clients. With no electricity required they are an economical and environmentally friendly hand drying option.

Rentex cabinet roller towel services can help you achieve high washroom hygiene standards. With our professional cabinet roller towel machines and cotton roller towels installed.

Looking for cabinet roller towel services please the online quote link.

Cabinet roller towel services the Eco-friendly hand drying option

how to change roller towel machines

A cabinet roller towel product life span analysis study undertaken in 2006 by the Öko-Institute in Germany on behalf of the (E.T.S.A) European Textile Service Association provided the following conclusions:

  • In environmental impacts cotton roller towels outperformed paper hand towel drying alternatives.
  • Beginning with the manufacturing of the cotton roller towel to final end of life disposal, the cotton roller towel generates the lowest environmental impact.
  • Conclusion is paper towels are 150% more damaging to the environment than cotton towels.




Rentex Hygiene Services

Professional washroom hygiene services and feminine sanitary hygiene bin disposal services and rental products such as; dirt control door mats, entrance logo mat hire, reception logo matting, sharps & medical waste bins, cabinet roller towels and electric hand dryer rental in Yorkshire. We also supply commercial washroom air fresheners, restroom hand soap dispensers, gents urinal sanitisers including male and female washroom vending machines. Contract hygiene service areas included Leeds, Wakefield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Bradford, Harrogate, York, Halifax and Huddersfield and most of North, East, South and West Yorkshire.
Rentex Hygiene Supplies Direct provide a buy it now option, we sell paper hand towels, toilet rolls, dispensers, electric fly killers, tea towels, aprons, electric hand dryers, pest control insect UVA tubes, electric hyco water heaters, sanitary bins and quality hand soaps. We supply nationally within the UK through our online hygiene store.

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