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Warwick Dryers

Warwick Dryers

Commercial Warwick dryers are now used by Rentex in our newly designated drying section at our Wakefield site. The large VK50 is part of the Warwick dryers range of heavy duty commercial laundry drying equipment.

Manufactured in the UK these gas operated tumble drying machines are designed for use with natural gas but can easily be converted for use with propane gas.

Warwick Dryers Manufactured in the UK

Warwick dryers was established over 30 years ago. For many years they have been the only UK manufacturer of commercial dryers and extractors. It is a testament warwick dryersto the build quality of Warwick machines that many dryers and extractors built in the early years of the business are still fully operational to this day.

Not only do Warwick supply dryers and extractors they have recently added a range of washers. 

Machines At Work

The Warwick dryers main duties at our site is for the drying of our contract rental products such as catering work ware and industrial garments.

Our new dedicated drying room shown in the main image will now speed up our processing time. And provide a faster more economical solution for our internal drying procedures.

The Warwick dryers purchased have been converted for use with propane gas by a simple natural gas to propane LPG gas conversion kit 5.13.3.

Commercial dryer spare parts from Warwick Dryers Limited

These commercial laundry tumble dryers have a comprehensive spare parts list which can be viewed using the Warwick dryers parts page link.

Venting for these machines should be by 200 mm spiral steel ducting. The exhaust duct work must be connected by a competent ventilation engineer in accordance with DW142.

The duct-work system must give rise to no more than 1.25mbar (1 /2″wg) resistance between the dryer outlet and the exhaust termination. This must be when either one or all the machines are operating if they are in a banked system.

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To enable the installer to measure the duct-work resistance, a pressure tapping point is also fitted at the dryer outlet.

A further tapping point must be fitted at the, exhaust system outlet. The installer can then measure the duct work resistance to ensure that it does not give rise to more than 1.25mbar (1/2″wg).


For ease of installation and to improve maintenance access. It is often preferable to use a section of flexible ducting to connect the dryer to the main outlet duct. If used, this flexible duct should be as short and as straight as possible. Any change of direction should always be carried out using pressed steel bends and elbows.

Round or square section ducting may be used provided it has the correct cross sectional area. Where two or more dryers feed into a main duct, the junctions should be angled for smooth airflow and the main duct increased in size by the area of each additional dryer outlet.

Where square section ducting is used as the main duct-work, it will be necessary to convert to round section for final connection onto the dryer(s) Care must be exercised to ensure that the back-drought shutters, fitted to VK30, VK50 and VK75 dryer, are not damaged when any duct-work is connected.

It should also be possible to move the shutters by twisting the hinge pin between the fingers. If there is any binding, remove the duct-work and investigate.

For further information about these items please use the product page links below.

Warwick Dryer Parts

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